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10 Best Air Plants in Bathroom: Decorating Your Bathroom with Air Plants for High Humidity

10 Best Air Plants in Bathroom: Decorating Your Bathroom with Air Plants for High Humidity

air plants in bathroom

In recent years, using air plants in the bathroom has become quite popular, and rightly so. These low-maintenance houseplants can thrive without soil and allow for creative displays. One spot often overlooked for housing air plants is the bathroom. Offering high humidity, suitable lighting, and low maintenance requirements, bathrooms are an ideal environment for these plants.

This article introduces ten distinct types of Tillandsia, or air plants, that like a little humidity.

1. Tillandsia Bulbosa: The Unique Bathroom Air Plant

Tillandsia Bulbosa

The Tillandsia Bulbosa, with its exotic appearance and Medusa-like curly leaves, stands as a unique choice among air plants. This plant doesn’t just bring a distinctive aesthetic appeal, but it’s also incredibly easy to care for. Its hardy nature and minimal requirements make it one of the best plants, particularly for beginners in indoor gardening. The plant thrives in indirect light, fitting well within the moist, soft light environment often found in bathrooms.

While it prefers low or indirect light, Bulbosa is also hardy enough to adapt to various light conditions. Meaning you don’t have to worry about placing it in direct sunlight. It’s the perfect plant for your bathroom window sill or a spot that receives filtered light. Its preference for a humid environment makes it one plant that loves the extra moisture from your hot showers. Just occasionally mist it with a spray bottle to keep your air plant happy and healthy. This plant is arguably one of the easiest to maintain, making your bathroom feel like a tropical oasis.

2. Tillandsia Andreana: Thriving In Indirect Light

Tillandsia Andreana

Tillandsia Andreana is another excellent choice for bathrooms with limited light or no windows. This “tillie” is uniquely tolerant of low illumination, making it a perfect plant for spaces that can’t provide much natural sunlight. Its rosette-shaped leaves have a lovely texture and thrive in the extra moisture a bathroom can provide.

Despite its small size, Andreana produces a big impact, especially when grouped together. You can effortlessly decorate your bathroom by placing several air plants in various spaces. They fit neatly on shelves near the sink or on window sills that receive little sunlight. Just remember to mist them every time you take a shower, and you’ll find these air plants require minimal maintenance and are easy to keep healthy. They are arguably one of the best houseplants to add to your collection of air plants in your bathroom.

3. Tillandsia Aeranthos: The Evergreen Addition To Your Bathroom

Tillandsia Aeranthos

Tillandsia Aeranthos, an evergreen variety of air plants, adds a pop of lush greenery aesthetic, making it one of the best bathroom plants. Its green leaves stand out strikingly against white backgrounds like subway tile backsplashes or marble countertops, common in modern homes. This plant not only enhances the vibes of your bathroom but also thrives in the humid environment it provides.

In terms of brightness, Aeranthos prefers bright, filtered light, making it an ideal plant for your bathroom if it has east-facing windows. It needs bright to moderate light to thrive, so placing it near such a window can beautifully illuminate softly lit corners. Just remember to mist it during hot showers, and you’ll have a plant that’s easy to keep alive and healthy. Its minimal maintenance and the soothing ambiance it creates arguably make Tillandsia Aeranthos one of the easiest and best additions to your collection of air plants in the bathroom.

4. Tillandsdia Maxima: Add Vibrant Colors To Your Bathroom Decor

Tillandsia Maxima

Tillandsia Maxima makes a vibrant addition to your bathroom with its delightful pink, red, and purple blooms. Not only does this air plant enhance your decor with a tropical feel, but it’s also low maintenance and easy to grow. Although it doesn’t necessarily need the extra humidity of bathrooms, it appreciates it and thrives in indirect sunlight. This makes it ideal for placements like shelves or vanity units away from direct light.

What sets Maxima apart from other indoor plants is its ability to absorb nutrients through its leaves, eliminating the need for soil. This feature allows it to be creatively displayed, such as mounted on a piece of driftwood or nestled in a pot. With a simple spray of water during your showers, it’s one of the easiest plants to keep alive indoors. Adorn your bathroom with the Tillandsia Maxima, and bask in the vibrant ambiance it creates.

5. Tillandsia Cyanea: A Favorite Among Bathroom Air Plants

Tillandsia Cyanea

Tillandsia Cyanea, fondly known as “Pink Quills,” offers a unique flair to your bathroom decor with its striking magenta-colored bracts that encircle each flower spike. It’s more than just a decorative piece; it is a testament to the diverse world of air plants. Its brilliant hues add a refreshing burst of color, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Unlike some other air plants, Pink Quills flourish in bright, filtered natural light. This makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms with windows that allow in the gentle morning or late afternoon sun. Despite its preference for light, it’s not overly demanding. It thrives in the extra moisture a bathroom naturally offers but doesn’t rely on it. In terms of maintenance, a simple spritz from a spray bottle during your regular shower routine is enough to keep this plant happy and healthy. The Pink Quills doesn’t mind being forgotten from time to time, making it a perfect choice for those with busy schedules. 

6. Tillandsia Capitata: The Water-Efficient Choice For Bathrooms

Tillandsia Capitata

The Tillandsia Capitata is an ideal indoor plant for bathrooms, thriving in the humid air that characterizes these spaces. It’s perfect for individuals looking to decorate with air plants without adding to their maintenance workload. This air plant, with its lush green leaves, doesn’t necessarily need extra humidity and doesn’t mind being forgotten occasionally. It absorbs moisture from the air through its leaves, eliminating the need for regular watering sessions.

This low-maintenance plant enjoys low or indirect light, perfect for bathrooms with dim illumination. However, it still appreciates good air circulation, so consider placing it near an open window. The Tillandsia Capitata is a compact plant that won’t overwhelm your space, adding a vibrant touch of green to your bathroom decor. Its ability to thrive under artificial lighting and the extra humidity from your showers makes it one of the easiest and most perfect plants for your bathroom.

7. Tillandsia Fuchsii: A Charming Small Plant for Small Bathrooms

Tillandsia Fuchsii

The Tillandsia Fuchsii, with its soft, fluffy leaves ranging from light green to silvery-gray, is an excellent choice to add a touch of greenery to smaller bathrooms. This air plant doesn’t take up much space, yet it creates a significant impact. Its compact size allows for flexibility, making it a plant that can be placed on a window sill or arranged in a collection of air plants to create a mini indoor garden. It doesn’t grow bigger, so you won’t have to worry about it outgrowing its space.

Best of all, Tillandsia Fuchsii is one of those plants that require minimal maintenance, needing very little water and thriving in indirect or bright light conditions. Despite lower light levels and irregular watering, this plant will thrive. It loves a humid bathroom environment, much like tropical plants, absorbing the moisture it needs from the air. And as an air plant, it doesn’t need soil to grow, meaning it’s incredibly easy to care for, much like the resilient spider plant or Chinese evergreen. Just give it a spritz to keep it happy and healthy, and you’ll have a beautiful, low-maintenance plant that enhances your bathroom decor.

8. Tillandsia Gardneri: A Hardy Option for Your Bathroom


The Tillandsia Gardneri, a particularly hardy member of the air plants family, offers an attractive way to add greenery to your bathroom. This robust plant doesn’t wilt or display yellowing leaves easily, even if neglected. Its long, spiky leaves, which can grow up to eight inches in length, make a statement, especially in larger bathrooms. And while it thrives in humidity levels between 55 and 75 percent, it doesn’t require daily misting like some other varieties, which means they live with less fuss.

This plant is ideal for those who want to make their bathrooms look more lively but don’t want the responsibility of frequent watering sessions. It prefers bright light, but like the Pothos, it doesn’t necessarily need it to survive. The plant produces an attractive contrast against a bathroom window or a set of tiles, and its resilience makes it one of the easiest ferns to keep alive indoors.

9. Tillandsia Stricta: The Ideal Plant for Humidity-Loving Bathrooms


Tillandsia Stricta is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plant that thrives in high humidity. This indoor-loving plant appreciates the moist air that your bathroom can provide, especially after a hot shower. This air plant, native to South America’s tropical rainforests, doesn’t grow in soil but lives on trees, absorbing nutrients and moisture from the surrounding air. Its preference for such conditions means it’s a plant that doesn’t necessarily need traditional watering methods, making it a low-maintenance addition to your space.

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The plant’s need for light, however, should not be underestimated. Though it appreciates indirect sunlight and can handle lower light levels, Tillandsia Stricta still requires enough light to thrive throughout the year. Ensure it receives ample filtered light, like that from a bathroom window, but be cautious to avoid direct sun, as it can scorch its delicate leaves. You can help keep your air plant happy and healthy with little work. Just use a spray bottle to mist it from time to time to mimic the damp atmosphere of its natural habitat. The plant’s soft, thin leaves grow in a rosette pattern, adding an attractive touch of greenery that can make any bathroom look more alive and vibrant.

10. Tillandsia Chiapensis: Add an Exotic Touch to Your Bathroom Plant Collection

Tillandsia Chiapensis

Tillandsia Chiapensis, a distinct air plant species, is a fantastic choice for those looking to inject an exotic aesthetic into their bathroom décor. This plant’s long and curly leaves, which curl upwards at the base, present a unique visual appeal that’s sure to catch the eye. The plant grows in clusters, adding a dynamic touch to your space and making it look more vibrant. If you’re a fan of plants that don’t necessarily need soil to grow, this could be an excellent addition to your collection.

This species thrives in bright light conditions and high humidity levels, making it one of the best plants for bathrooms with sufficient natural or artificial lighting. Just like other types of air plants, however, Tillandsia Chiapensis needs to be kept away from direct sunlight, as its leaves can scorch easily. A simple spray and occasional misting will suffice to maintain optimal humidity. This approach mimics the tropical environments these plants like, ensuring your Tillandsia Chiapensis stays healthy and continues to add that exotic touch to your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Makes Bathrooms a Good Environment for Air Plants?

Bathrooms make excellent environments for air plants. Why? They’re often humid due to frequent showers and baths. The airflow is also generally lower than in other parts of the house. This moist atmosphere provides ideal growing conditions for many houseplants, including tillandsias!

How Often Should I Water My Bathroom Air Plants?

The watering frequency for bathroom air plants varies. Most types need water just once a week during warmer months. In colder months, you can water them less frequently. A quick spray every few days will keep them happy. Aside from that, they require no real maintenance. Just prune and remove dead foliage regularly. This ensures a healthy growth pattern over time.

Do All Types of Tillandsias Thrive in Bathroom Conditions?

Not all types of tillandsias thrive in bathroom conditions. Some species prefer drier climates. Others love high humidity levels, as high as eighty percent or more. It depends on their original habitat in Central or South America.

How Does Indirect Light Benefit Air Plants?

Indirect light is beneficial for air plants. It provides enough brightness without damaging the delicate foliage. This type of lighting is perfect for most types of tillandsias. It’s perfect for those commonly found in bathroom environments!

Can I Place Other Types of Plants in My Bathroom Besides Air Plants?

Absolutely! Many other plant varieties thrive in the humid, low-light conditions typically found within bathrooms. Examples include snake plants, spider ferns, and aloe vera. Just make sure to research the specific needs of each plant. This will help you decide which ones best suit your lifestyle and environment!


In conclusion, using air plants in the bathroom is an excellent idea for plant lovers. They adapt well to varying environmental factors, such as humidity, temperature, and light availability. With minimal needs and endless aesthetic possibilities, there’s no reason not to include these beautiful plants in your living space today!


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