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Storage Ideas for Legos

Storage Ideas for Legos

Use cabinets to store legos

Legos are a fun building hobby for both kids and adults, but they can be a lot of work to organize. Fortunately, we’ve found some storage ideas for Legos that can make your life a lot easier.

Here you’ll find lots of clever storage solutions for Legos to help you keep every little piece of your construction set neatly organized in bins, drawers, genius tables, and even cabinets.

So, what is the best way to store Legos?

1. Use Clear Turntables for Kids

clear turntables as storage for legos

It’s easy to put the pieces of your construction set in a basket, bin, or container and keep them on a table. But, with kids around, chances are that when they need some Lego sets, every tiny piece you thought you’ve kept will end up on the floor again.

One of the best possible Lego storage ideas to consider at this point is to use a clear plastic turntable. This little hack makes it easy to organize your bricks by color so your child can easily find things by it. The turntable feature means you never have to bother about a messy room again since all your child needs to do is rotate the container to find what they need.

2. Work Some Magic with an Old Table

Repurposed old table for storing legos

Have an old coffee table or work desk? Before you toss them out, you want to know that they will come in handy when considering Lego storage ideas for built sets – especially smaller ones. But, you need to make sure your outdated tables don’t have glass inserts, especially if you have kids. If they do, replace them with rustic woods to transform their look.

3. Use Lego Storage Shelves

Use Lego storage shelves

There’s no better way to store your bricks than using a large wooden shelf. Shelf ideas for Legos are great because they keep everything organized in different box-like compartments, so you know everything you need is in one place.

4. Drawer Cabinets

Use cabinets to store legos

The most useful tip on our list today that is especially suitable for large collections is to get a cabinet with multiple drawers to help sort your bricks by color. If you’re considering this hack and will most likely opt for a wooden cabinet, ensure you use labels to help you find things easily. Also, make sure you choose wall-mounted cabinets with drawers that can be stacked and won’t break easily.

5. Use Plastic Bins

Plastic bins as storage for lego bricks

Organizing your Legos won’t be a chore with plastic bin Lego set storage ideas. A plastic bin can easily hold hundreds of construction sets while ensuring a tidy space. They fit nicely under your bed or in a dedicated cupboard.

6. Lego Storage Box

A Lego Storage Box for Storing Legos

As a Lego enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about tackle boxes. These are effective boxes for storing your bricks. They come with a divided compartment and a tight-fitting lid to keep your build sets dry. The unique feature of this box is its adjustable dividers that help you store as many Legos as you want in a single compartment. Tackle boxes are less expensive solutions for builders looking to cut down on cost. Plus, they are extremely portable, making them a great choice for younger builders.

7. Plastic Ziplock Bags

Store Legos with plastic ziplock bags

One of the cheapest containers for storing Legos you will ever find is a plastic bag. It helps that they are easy to find in almost any store. However, the thing that plastic bags won’t offer is long-term durability. Plus, most plastic bags won’t come with a zipper to help keep your Legos from sunlight, UV rays, and moisture. Still, plastic bags can help you store both new and used bricks in the same container.

If you’re thinking of getting a plastic bag, make sure you get one with a zipper so the contents won’t spill or get damaged due to light rays. Also, consider the number of bricks you have to select a bag that will conveniently contain a large number of them.

8. Use a Plastic Bucket

Use a Plastic Bucket to Store Legos

A plastic bucket is a space-saving hack that keeps things off the floor. You might be tempted to use a metal bucket, but metal stuff is never kids-friendly. A plastic bucket looks fun, colorful, and won’t break the bank.

9. Wall Storage Ideas

Wall Storage Ideas to help you store legos

One of the first things you’ll often wonder when it involves wall organizational hacks is where to store your Lego. If you can figure out how to store Legos long-term on wall spaces, you’ll find it easy to beat floor clutter. Luckily, we’ve got some crafty yet cheap Lego storage ideas for wall spaces you should consider.

Pegboard with a Container

a Pegboard with containers for storing legos

One of the best Lego storage ideas for adults is using a modern pegboard. However, what makes this idea really stand out is that it allows you to use the Ikea Skidas system. Creative Lego storage ideas plus Ikea organizational hack like this mean you not only utilize a pegboard but use the one with a plastic container that allows you to store all your bricks.

Colored Baskets

b Colored baskets helps you store legos

Apart from pegboards and a plastic bucket, another effective idea for storing your bricks is a colored basket. Like the plastic buckets, colored baskets add texture to the room, and kids love colorful things. Just hit some nails on the wall and hang the colored baskets filled with different colored bricks sets where your kids can reach them.

Hanging Bags

c hanging bags for storing legos

Another wall idea you are sure to love is a crafty bag. Wall spaces won’t feel the impact of your bag. All you need to do is find that perfect spot that allows you effortlessly access your Legos.

What to Consider When Storing a Large Collection of Bricks

Storing your bricks is no easy task, especially when you have a large collection. Still, with high-end solutions like a drawer, zip lock bag, or storage bins, keeping your bricks organized will be a breeze. Yet, with all these storage ideas for Lego pieces, factors like budget, space, and building style will determine the organizational hack you use.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can organize your large construction sets with inexpensive ziploc bags or try some DIY Lego storage ideas to curb cost. For small rooms, some good Lego storage ideas for small spaces will be to get drawer cabinets or shelves. However, you may need lots of wall space to make this work.

On the other hand, you also need a storage solution if your building style requires you to move constantly. A building across several rooms can be tiring. For this reason, you want an organizational system that allows easy mobility to your workspace, easy access to your Lego pieces, and ease of re-arranging your large bricks. A stress-free hack to consider is to get a plastic container with tight-fitting lids.


How Do You Store a Lot of Lego Sets?

There really is no perfect way to organize large Lego sets. All you need to consider is your budget, available space, and layout.

How Do I Protect Sealed Lego Sets?

Make sure to keep them in a dry and dark place. Keeping them in a moist-filled plastic container will cause the bricks to mold.

What Temperature Should I Store My Bricks?

Temperature won’t be much of an issue for your Legos. You can keep them in freezing temperatures or inside the attic even during the hot summer months, and your sets will still be fine.

Should I Store My Bricks Under the Light?

Your bricks are best stored in dark places. The simple reason is that they are made of plastic. When kept inside the box, light rays won’t affect them. But that does not mean storage boxes are good under light rays. When directly kept under sunlight, fluorescent, or other UV lights, the color of your bricks risks turning yellowish.

Should I Get My Bricks Graded?

No, you shouldn’t. Grading your Lego bricks may be a waste of time and money. The single most important way to keep them organized and long-lasting is to ensure they are sealed, whether in the box or plastic bag. Unsealed storage containers may do more harm than good.


Lego pieces scattered around your house can cause unforeseen home accidents while leaving your space messy. The good news is that knowing how to store Legos at home is easy. From buying a Lego turntable to using old tables, drawer cabinets, shelves, DIY storage hacks like plastic bins, and wall storage ideas, you have plenty of options to contain your large collection of bricks and keep them organized. Hopefully, our storage ideas for Legos will help you find the best organizational hack to suit your small or large space.

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