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13+ Ingenious Decorating Ideas for Your Office at Work

13+ Ingenious Decorating Ideas for Your Office at Work

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Decorating your office at work helps you create a positive working environment that reflects your personality and interests while making you feel more comfortable and perform better. However, finding the perfect decorating ideas for your office at work may be challenging, especially since it is in a commercial building you do not own.

Whether you are looking for something catchy or need simple and cheap ways to decorate your office at work for maximum comfort, there are many ideas to consider. In this guide, we discuss some of our favorite ideas for decorating an office at work to help you make the right choice.

Personalize Your Space

personalize your workspace

Adding personal touches, such as photographs, artwork, or even a small plant, creates a sense of comfort and familiarity in your workspace. You can also include elements that reflect your interests, such as books, collectibles, or items that represent your hobbies. Personalizing your office space can be a simple yet effective way to make it feel more like your own.

Use Wall Decals

decorate the office space with wall decals

Wall decals are a popular and versatile decorating idea for adding color and interest to your office walls without damaging them. Then again, their biggest advantage is that they come with adhesive stickers that can be easily applied, removed, and repositioned as needed, making them a great option if you like to change your decor frequently. Besides this, they come in various designs and patterns, from geometric shapes to more intricate designs such as nature scenes, animals, or quotes.

Pro Tip: When decorating your workspace with wall decals, consider the design and placement of the decals. For instance, if you plan to use motivational quote wall decals to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, position them on the wall behind your desk or where you can see them for more impact.

Add a Vision Board

a worspace with vision board decorations

Creating a vision board is one of the easiest, most entertaining, and most creative small office decor ideas for work. The simple reason is that a vision board is a unique, personal representation of your goals and aspirations. This way, when considering how to decorate your office at work, you won’t have to put much effort or ponder hard. Instead, you can include anything that inspires and motivates you, the goals you aim to achieve while having fun with the process.

Use a Map

maps for decorating the office space

Using a map as a decor element can be a unique way to add visual interest and personal touch to your space.

Maps can remind you of places you’ve been and places you want to go, and can also be a great conversation starter with colleagues. You can use a map as the background and then hang a collection of frames or other items on top of it to create a visually interesting display giving you a beautiful gallery wall.

Add Functional Décor

functional mirro decor in the office

One way to use functional decor in your work environment is by incorporating storage solutions that also serve as decor. This could include a ladder shelf, a hanging wall organizer, or a vintage trunk that can be used as a coffee table. These items not only serve a practical purpose but also add character and charm to your workspace.

You can also incorporate decor items that serve a dual purpose, such as a vintage mirror that can be used as a decorative element but also as a functional mirror and a vintage clock that tells the time and adds aesthetic appeal.

Use Vintage or Antique Items

vintage and antique items for decoratikng the office at work

Looking for truly cute ways to decorate your office at work? You can’t go wrong with using vintage or antique items thanks to the weathered charm they add to your workspace.

Vintage and antique items can include furniture, decor, and even small accessories such as vintage cameras, clocks, or telephones. These items can add a sense of history and nostalgia to your working environment. They can also be used to create a specific style, such as an industrial or steampunk theme.

Pro Tip: When incorporating vintage or antique items into your workspace décor, consider the style and aesthetic of the item. Ensure they are in good condition and not damaged so they can easily achieve the effect you want.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

wall mounted shelves in the office

Wall-mounted shelves will help you organize and display items while also adding visual interest to your space.

Once your wall-mounted shelves are in place, you can use them for your books, writing supplies, decor, or even personal items such as photos and souvenirs.

Incorporate a Pegboard

a pegboard in the office

If you are wondering how to decorate office walls at work for hanging organizational purposes, then a pegboard is something you need to consider.

Using a pegboard in your workspace is important because it helps you organize and display items. Plus, the versatility of a pegboard allows you to customize it to fit your needs and whatever you want to store.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook and Add Christmas Decor

christmas reading nook in the office

Creating a cozy reading nook in your office can be a great way to add a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and inspiration.

Adding a reading nook helps you create a quiet, intimate, and comfortable area where you can escape from the distractions of work and relax with a good book or magazine.

However, the peak of this idea is when you incorporate Christmas accents into the mix. Imagine decorating the reading nook with hanging snowflakes or Christmas lights. This way, finding the perfect ideas for Christmas decorating wall accessories for your office at work won’t be a hassle.

That said, this decor idea undoubtedly works best if you are the boss, not a low-level employee. Then again, if you are the boss, why don’t you try it? 

Incorporate Technology

smart technology fittings in the office at work

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. This is especially true when it comes to designing your workspace. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, incorporating technology into your working environment can have a huge impact on productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

The fun part of incorporating technology into your workspace is that it makes your work environment and processes stress-free. Smart lighting systems, digital signage, and ergonomic, health-promoting devices make your working environment more functional and visually interesting.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

comfortable seats at the office
Source: @workwellwin via Twitter

A comfortable chair can make a huge difference in your overall well-being and productivity. Just make sure that when choosing a set for your workspace, the chair matches the overall aesthetic of the workspace and complements the other design elements.

Use Colorful Materials

colorful and sustainable materials for decorating the office at work

Colorful fabrics are a great way to add a movie-like cool effect to your space. Plus, they breathe life into your space.

One of the reasons we are fond of colorful materials is that they don’t simply leave a colorful statement, but most of them are designed with sustainable materials, making your office environmentally friendly and safe.

Still, besides its environmental factors, fabrics like this won’t take a toll on your finances. Sustainable materials, as seen in this photo, add a unique and stylish accent to your space thanks to their wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. They also allow several placement patterns and designs so you can create a personalized and visually appealing space.

Fall Decorating Ideas for Office at Work

fall decor ideas with desk chair blankets at the office

When the fall season draws near, the chill in the air makes you think of one word, protection. So, if you are looking for some useful fall décor tips for decorating ideas for the office at work this fall, the best way to achieve this is to add comfort with a desk chair pillow or a throw blanket. Alternatively, light a scented candle or hang a cozy ambient light to add warmth to your workspace.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Should You Decorate Your Office at Work?

You definitely should! Workspace decor has many benefits. From making your workspace more comfortable and personalized, finding cool work office decorating ideas to use in your workspace can boost your productivity and overall job performance. 
Still, whether or not you should decorate your office depends on your specific workplace and company policies. Situations when you are not allowed to make any changes to your working environment, are, alas, not uncommon.

How to Decorate Your Office Desk at Work?

The desk is also one of the easiest ways to add life, color, and style to your workspace. To do this, use a desk organizer and accessories such as a lamp or a nice pen holder to help keep things tidy and stylish.


Decorating the office helps you create a space that is both functional and visually pleasing. So, whether you choose to incorporate technological fixtures, all decals, vision board, shelving, pegboards, vintage or antique items, decorative accessories in the office can create a calm atmosphere, so the space feels more like your own, helps you reduce stress, and maximize efficiency. It’s all about finding the right balance and decorating ideas for your office at work that are ideal for your particular circumstances.

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