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The Ultimate Guide: How to Wash Your Hat Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide: How to Wash Your Hat Like a Pro

how to wash hat

Are you struggling to get rid of the dirt, grime, or stains on your favorite hat? This comprehensive guide to how to wash a hat will take you through every step of the hat-washing process, leaving you with spotless headwear. Say goodbye to grubby hats forever! 

What’s more, in this article, you will also learn various methods of cleaning hats, including how to wash a hat in a washer machine. Additionally, this article will explore techniques for blow-drying hats and provide tips for maintaining headwear made of wool, cotton, synthetic materials, and more. Let’s get started.

Handy Tips to Consider Before Cleaning

How to wash hat

Here are some important factors to keep in mind: 

  • Only use the cleaning products that are suitable for your specific type of cap
  • Allow ample time to ensure thorough and proper cleaning
  • Whenever possible, avoid full submersion 
  • Identify the type of grime or dirt you are dealing with
  • Certain hats may require hand washing or dry cleaning only
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of hats
  • Always adhere to the washing instructions on the label for the best results

How to Wash a Hat by Hand: Step-by-Step Instructions

Cleaning hat by hand

If you want to know how to wash hats in a tub or sink, this method is for you. This section outlines the step-by-step process for hand-washing your cap. It will provide detailed instructions for each stage of the cleaning process to help restore your favorite cap to its former glory. 

Step No. 1: Fill a Clean Basin or Sink

Fill the sink to wash hat

Learning how to wash a hat in a sink starts with filling your sink or wash basin  with warm water. Ensure that the water temperature is suitable for cleaning: if it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for your cap. Aim for a temperature range of 98 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit (36-39 degrees Celcius), which is ideal for most hats. 

If your hat is dirty in several places, fill the sink or basin almost to the brim so that you can submerge your cap completely. If there are only certain areas you want to clean, you might not need too much water.

Step No. 2: Mix Laundry Detergent with Warm Water

mix laundry detergent

Add approximately three tablespoons of laundry detergent to the water. This solution will be used to soak the cap. Stir the detergent into the water until it dissolves thoroughly and bubbles or foam forms on the surface. This will ensure a safe, uniform, and thoroughly clean. If your sink is not particularly large, use less detergent: two tablespoons or even just a few drops.

Step No. 3: Sink and Gently Rub 

Gently rub

Submerge and scrub your cap. Start by dipping the cap in the water and letting it soak for three seconds to ensure it’s entirely wet. Next, apply a few drops of detergent to a wet brush or scrubber. Avoid putting the detergent directly on your cap until it’s lathered up on a rag or brush to prevent uneven washing or dye transfer.

Step No. 4: Let it Soak 

let it soak

Let your cap (or a dirty part of it) soak in the soapy water for a period of 5 to 8 minutes. This will enable the grime and dirt to loosen from the fabric, seams, and brim of the cap. Avoid soaking your cap for more than 10 minutes to prevent losing its shape, color bleeding, or warping. To keep track of the soaking time, set a timer on your phone.

Step No. 5: Rinse in Cold Water

Rinse with cold water

After scrubbing the cap to your satisfaction, rinse it thoroughly with cold water. This step is crucial to prevent color fading or loss during the drying process.

Step No. 6: Time to Dry

After rinsing your cap with cold water, gently place it aside and allow it to drip dry. Stuff it with a washcloth or paper towel, and place it on a towel with the brim flat for flat-brimmed hats or supported for curved-brim hats. For curved-brim hats, you can use paper towels to help create a rounded shape for the brim. 

Now you can use your hairdryer (set it on warm air) to blow dry your hat from the inside out. 

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How to Wash a Hat in a Washing Machine

wash hat in washing machine

The washing machine method can be a quick and easy way to clean your hat (provided it is machine-washable in the first place). This method offers a deep clean in a shorter period of time. Keep reading to find out how to wash hat in washer machine.

Step No. 1: Use a Garment Bag

Garment bag

The bag or case allows your cap to move freely in the washer without being tumbled around excessively. With a garment bag, you can wash other items of laundry at the same time, but make sure they are of similar colors to your hat.

Step No. 2: Choose the Appropriate Washing Cycle Settings

Washing cycle

Select the appropriate wash cycle settings: it is recommended that you choose a gentle wash cycle and avoid using hot or sanitary settings for delicate hats. Instead, opt for a cool or lukewarm wash cycle. The delicate cycle setting on your washing machine typically takes between 15 to 45 minutes. If your machine cannot be set for the delicate cycle, the above-described hand-washing method might be a better option.

Step No. 3: Time to Dry 

Now it’s time to choose your preferred method to dry your hat. There are two ways to do this without causing damage: air-drying and blow-drying. Air-drying is the gentlest but takes the longest time, while blow-drying can be very effective but may not be suitable for all hats. Be sure to always use the most gentle setting on your hairdryer.


Now you have learned how to wash a hat without ruining it by hand and in the washing machine. You have also learned how to dry your hat without it losing its shape. Nothing beats taking care of your belongings to ensure that they last longer.


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