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A Bedroom with an Office: Ideas for Work and Dreaming

A Bedroom with an Office: Ideas for Work and Dreaming

bedroom sloped ceiling built in desk

What about combining your bedroom with an office? Ideas like these may not have been all that popular in the past, but since the 2020 epidemic, the way we (and our employers) look at work from home has changed — and the demand for comfortable and functional bedroom office design ideas has skyrocketed. We invite you to take a look at some of them and bring the inspiration back into your home.

1. Adapt, Don’t Copy: Use Decor That’s Dear to You

The best thing about bedroom office setup ideas is that no matter what layout you choose, you can always adapt your choice to your unique style. In this example, the owner opted for a deep, cozy chair instead of a typical work one and decorated the corner with quirky art and flower pots — so that she feels comfortable and productive in this space.

bedroom office ideas keeping your style
Everybody has their own favorite visuals that make them feel energized. Source 

2. Double Duty: Small Desk, Large Purpose

You may think that it’s hard to use bedroom office ideas in a small room, but in fact, there are many tricks you can apply in such a space! One of them is to put in a desk that doubles as a nightstand. If you use a laptop or another portable device, it won’t be difficult to make this piece of furniture easily transformable from day to night.

bedroom office ideas small room nightstand
This space looks very romantic. Source

3. Low-Hanging Fruit: Walls Are There to Be Used

It is impossible to list bedroom desk ideas for small spaces and fail to mention a floating desk. There are many kinds of those for any taste and wallet; the one in the picture is built into a shelf to optimize storage space. A small addition to the room that can fit a lot!

bedroom office ideas floating desk small space
It’s easy to forget that your workspace is even there. Source

4. Springing Out: Use the Furniture That Fits

Another well-known way to free up some space — installing a Murphy bed — works great for any room, including a bedroom with an office space. Here, the color palette and general layout make the room feel spacious even when the bed is pulled down; imagine how large this place looks with the bed neatly hidden.

bedroom office ideas murphy bed
As we said: if you want to equip your small bedroom with a desk, ideas won’t be hard to find. Source

5. Closed for Business: Choose a Casual Style

If you have some more space to work with, this bedroom office combination looks very promising. The desk and other furniture in the picture lack that boring, business-like appearance, looking like they would fit either into a place to chill out or a workspace (or both!). At the same time, the room doesn’t feel cluttered, despite it being a multifunctional space. 

bedroom office ideas casual
The floating bed brings even more air into the room’s vibe. Source 

6. Corner with a View: Set (In)visible Borders

If you’re looking for creative ways to divide your space into separate zones, consider bedroom office layout ideas like this one. The desk helps carve out a work corner visually while keeping its primary function as a desk. Talk about a corner space!

bedroom office ideas workspace corner
This kind of layout can work with lots of styles, not only in a pretty feminine space like this one. Source 

7. Office with a Bed(room): Focus on What’s Important to You

Keep in mind that the variety of bedroom office design ideas that are available to you depends in part on your priorities: do you want your bedroom to be a true sanctuary, or do you think of this room as a place to sleep and not much else? If the latter is true for you, consider putting more thought into the business part of this combo. Here, a large deck and lots of bookcases dominate the space, but there’s still room to put your head down — and that can be enough.

bedroom office ideas office with bed
Tastes differ! Source: jelly * via Pinterest

8. Sleeping Beauty: Make a Balanced Compromise

On the other hand, many people consider the room where they sleep their place of power: they may have to work from there, but it’s a space to recharge first and foremost. And that’s fine too. By and large, it’s not difficult to equip your master bedroom with an office: ideas for doing this can be as simple as a small desk by the wall.

bedroom office ideas master bedroom
The desk and those nightstands make a nice combo. Source

9. Middle Ground: Put More Furniture for a Smoother Transition

Want to create a truly cozy bedroom with a home office? Ideas for making the space cozier can involve adding some extra furniture to get the right vibes. In this example, a window seat is an addition that fits both the business and the pleasure aspects of this place, tying the ensemble together and creating a comfortable look.

bedroom office ideas window seat
What a cozy workstation! Source

10. Elegant and Charming: Remember That the Details Matter

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and quite many a way to pair your bedroom with a desk. Ideas like the one you can see in the picture prove that creating a home workstation doesn’t have to mean turning your room into a boring place. This workspace looks very fresh and energizing, thanks to the surrounding greenery. What’s more, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and has everything for comfortable work — what else would you need?

bedroom office ideas details greenery
This example also provides quite a few bedroom office decor ideas: note the wall art at eye level, shelf decorations, and a wonderful foot cushion. Source

11. The Boss Baby: Make a Comfortable Workstation for Younger Inhabitants, Too

Your kids may actually be the ones who can benefit the most from having a small bedroom with a desk. Layout ideas for a tiny box room can involve using a loft bed with storage underneath and placing a desk next to the window — and there’s still some space to play in!

bedroom office ideas kids small room
Even the smallest room can be functional and cozy. Source 

12. Choosing Sides: Combine Your Storage and Desk

Here’s another example of equipping a small bedroom with an office. Ideas like this one are very simple: one side of this space works as an office, while another side is the part with the bed. On the workplace side, there’s also a lot of storage space that fits nicely together with the desk (thank you, Ikea, for these creative solutions).

bedroom office ideas sides
So many plants, again — there’s something nice about having them around at work. Source

13. Come Out of the Closet (at the End of your Working Day)

When designing a bedroom with a desk, layout ideas you can consider may include putting the desk inside a closet. This is surely a fun way to hide your work life away when you’re done.

bedroom office ideas hidden office
West Chin W23 NYC. This room is a stellar example of minimalistic design. Source

14. Out of Sight: Use Drapes to Create Zones

Here’s one of the easier office bedroom combination ideas: the workspace itself is quite an ordinary setup with a desk and a chair, but there’s an interesting solution to divide the place with a curtain. This simple way allows using the space more effectively: two rooms for the price of one!

bedroom office ideas curtain divider
Those brick walls are gorgeous, aren’t they? Source

15. Never Gonna Leave This Bed: Think Creatively

Who said that you need a permanent remodel to have an office space in your bedroom? Ideas you can choose from can be as simple as just using a breakfast tray as a desk! We’re only half joking: those last few years have certainly changed what we consider a proper workplace.

bedroom office ideas quasi office
WFH? More like WFB (Work From Bed). Source: bintabuheh via Instagram


Here are some answers to popular questions.

What Are Some Good Ideas for an Office Desk and Chair in a Bedroom?

As you noticed, the issue with a home office-bedroom combo is that the typical business furniture doesn’t necessarily feel cozy — and the bed in the same room as your desk may not fill you with productivity. Here are some tips on choosing a desk and chair to mitigate those effects:
Use a chair that you personally feel comfortable in: work chairs are designed ergonomically, but it doesn’t mean that your productivity will take a hit without one;
Put your desk so that your back is to the bed: it may beckon you a bit less that way;
Alternatively, make your workspace a separate zone of the room — for example, put it behind a curtain or a bookcase;
Surround your workstation with decor and plants for visual stimulation;
If you need office-style furniture to work better — try to find a place to hide it.
Of course, you may be the person who works well in bed — or who doesn’t mind having a bit of a business feel to the room where they sleep. Choose what you feel is best for you!

How to Organize a Bedroom Office?

For a good organization of such a space, consider some questions first.
What’s the nature of your work: do you need a lot of equipment, or can it be done on one laptop and nothing else?
Does your room’s design play a big role in putting you in the right mood, or are you a minimalist and just need a bed to sleep?
Are you going to make the room convertible (i.e., will you have to put some things away or pull them out to switch between the working mode and the resting one)?
How much storage room can you put in this place?
For example, if you don’t mind your work life spilling into your evenings, a desk, a chair, and some open shelves may look good. If you have to switch into the resting mode completely — you’ll need drawers at the very least (or a hidden workspace). Organization starts with what’s important to you.

What Are Some DIY Bedroom Office Ideas?

How much DIY can you handle? If you’re a master woodworker, we’d strongly advise you to make your personal desk — not only is it a fun project, but it’s also a great investment into your productivity. And if you have no such skills, simply express yourself by decorating the place! You can watch this video for inspiration:


Home offices are insanely popular now, as a lot of employers have woken up to the fact that there are many perks to working from home. If you don’t have a separate room to work in, there is no need to worry: it is always possible to equip your bedroom with an office. Ideas you’ve just seen will suit every taste. Hopefully, you’ll put them to work — and we’ll be glad to see you again!

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