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Best Caladium Varieties: Exploring Types of Caladiums for Exotic Plant Lovers

Best Caladium Varieties: Exploring Types of Caladiums for Exotic Plant Lovers


In the botanical world, caladium plants stand out, their heart-shaped leaves painting a mesmerizing canvas of various hues and patterns. With so many different types of caladiums available, choosing one can be a delightful challenge. Let’s embark on this journey together to discover these beautiful plants.

Two Main Types of Caladium

Delving deeper, we find two primary varieties of caladium – each type as interesting as the other.

Fancy-Leaved Caladiums

The first type is the fancy-leaf caladium, recognized by its large, heart-shaped leaves. These plants are a perfect choice for areas with partial shade, their bold colors standing out beautifully against darker backgrounds.

Strap-Leaved Caladiums

Next, we have the strap leaf variety. They’re smaller in size, with leaves that are narrower and less heart-shaped. These caladiums offer a more delicate aesthetic without losing any charm associated with their larger counterparts.

1. Candidum – A Traditional Option


Candidum caladiums are a classic variety, beloved for their striking white leaves contrasted by dark green veins. They’re versatile too, growing well both indoors and outdoors, making them an excellent option for various planting situations. This white caladium will appeal to those who prefer a lighter color scheme.

2. Fannie Munson – A Stunning Flower

Fannie Munson

Fannie Munson caladiums are notable for their bright pink leaves. Their vibrant foliage, edged in green with red veins, creates a lively and stunning display, catching the eye and holding attention. The pink symphony between the red veins and the green leaves makes each leaf look like a work of art.

3. Carolyn Whorton – A Large Beauty

Carolyn Whorton

The Carolyn Whorton variety is known for its large, heart-shaped leaves. They feature a mix of dark pink and red hues, offering a stunning visual. This variety also does well as a houseplant, proving that size isn’t a barrier to indoor growing. This caladium has a unique pattern marked by shades of pink.

4. Pink Beauty – A Vibrant Choice

Pink Beauty caladium

Known for its vibrant charm, Pink Beauty Caladium truly lives up to its name. Its leaves are a delightful blend of dark pink and green, creating a palette that brightens any space. It is a variety that thrives both indoors and outdoors, adding a pop of color wherever it is planted. You’ll adore this beautiful caladium if you love everything between dark red and dark green.

5. Red Flash – A Striking Variety

Red Flash

The Red Flash caladium stands out with its deep red splotches set against a backdrop of green foliage. This variety is well-suited to both sun and shade, making it a flexible choice for gardeners. With leaves that can grow up to 12 inches long, this caladium is a striking addition to any collection. Leaves with a dark contrast stand out best in bright light. So make sure you display it prominently.

6. Freida Hempel – A Fancy and Decorative Option

Freida Hempel

Another fancy leaf caladium, the Freida Hempel variety boasts pinkish-red leaves adorned with green borders. It’s a variety that is just as beautiful as it is easy to grow. This makes it an appealing choice for both experienced and novice gardeners. Additionally, leaves with a dark green border help create a sense of depth many caladium lovers will enjoy.

7. Aaron Caladium – A Fancy Favorite

Aaron Caladium

The Aaron caladium is a variety that enjoys the love of many plant enthusiasts. Its leaves display a fascinating contrast of white centers and dark green veins and edges. This combination of colors is particularly striking and is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.

8. Candidum Junior – A Smaller Option

Candidum Junior

Candidum Junior is a variety that offers all the beauty of a Candidum in a smaller package. Its leaves have the same captivating white color adorned with green veins. It’s perfect for those looking for a plant that is easier to accommodate in smaller spaces without compromising visual appeal. Expect leaves with a bright and shiny appearance thanks to a glossy surface.

9. Florida Sweetheart – Brilliant and Beautiful

Florida Sweetheart

The Florida Sweetheart caladium variety is nothing short of brilliant and beautiful. This sweetheart steals the spotlight with its heart-shaped leaves featuring bright red centers with green edges. Its distinct, vibrant hue makes it a crowd favorite and a charming addition to any garden.

10. Gingerland – A White Delight


Gingerland caladium is the way to go for those with a soft spot for subtle elegance. This variety sports red-speckled leaves with a crisp white base, lime, and dark green borders. Gingerland is a compact variety, making it suitable as a border plant or for decorating smaller spaces.

11. June Bride – A Cool White Variety

June Bride

Next on our list is June Bride, a variety with cool white leaves that provide a soothing visual contrast to darker green varieties. Its heart-shaped leaves, edged in light green and perfect for full to partial shade, turn heads and warm hearts alike.

12. White Wing – A Diverse Type

White Wing

White Wing is another diverse caladium variety that features large, arrow-shaped white leaves. It’s a robust variety that adds a touch of sophistication and is particularly attractive when planted alongside darker varieties. It is, without a doubt, a versatile addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.

13. Florida Red Ruffles – A Red Beauty

Florida Red Ruffles

Florida Red Ruffles, a stunning variety, brings a dash of drama to any space with its deeply ruffled, glossy red leaves and green edges. These caladiums grow in both sun or shade, proving that beauty and resilience can go hand in hand.

14. Candyland – A Colorful Blend


Candyland caladium is a feast for the eyes, featuring a delightful mix of white and bright pink splotches on its leaves. Instead of deep green leaves, you get striking red veins and green outlines.  It’s like a splash of confetti in your garden, making every day feel like a celebration.

15. Moonlight – A Moonlit Charm


Moonlight caladium shines with a soft, moonlit charm. Its almost translucent, pale white leaves stand out, providing a luminous glow in full shade. The Moonlight variety is an enchanting choice for any garden. If you love to grow caladiums that are unique, then you’ll adore this.

16. Heart of Jesus – A Heartwarming Type

Heart of Jesus

The Heart of Jesus caladium variety is sure to warm your heart with its large, green leaves marked with deep red veins. This variety’s size and robust color palette make it a standout in any garden.

17. Bombshell – An Explosive Beauty


Living up to its name, Bombshell Caladium offers an explosive display of beauty with leaves that showcase a unique blend of red and green. This caladium is perfect for adding a touch of boldness and charm to any space.

18. Strawberry Star – A Star Among Caladiums

Strawberry Star

Strawberry Star caladium lights up any room with its bright white leaves and scattered strawberry-red splotches. It’s a star in the realm of caladiums, radiating beauty and elegance. The veins and green margins broken up by the red give the illusion of strawberries being served on a fancy leaf plate.

19. Miss Muffet – A Pretty Sight

Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet caladium is indeed a pretty sight. This variety boasts petite leaves with dark green margins and bright pink centers. Perfect for containers and hanging baskets, this variety is a petite but powerful beauty.

20. Iceberg – A Crisp White Variety

Iceberg Caladium

Last but not least, Iceberg caladium captivates with its crisp, pure white leaves complemented by green veins. This variety is a picture of serenity and simplicity, demonstrating that sometimes, less is indeed more.


Let’s now tackle some frequently asked questions about caladiums.

What are the different types of caladiums?

There are two main types of caladiums, each with its unique characteristics. There’s strap leaf caladium, with smaller, narrow leaves that are less heart-shaped. Then there’s the fancy leaf variety, which, unlike strap-leaf caladium, is larger, more heart-shaped, and features bold colors.

What are some examples of great caladium plants?

There’s Pink Beauty, known for its pink leaves, Red Flash with deep red splotches, and the Freida Hempel variety that charms with its pinkish-red leaves and green borders.

How do I care for my caladium houseplant?

Caring for your caladium houseplant is a walk in the park. These plants love heat and humidity. They prefer indirect light and grow best in well-drained but moist soil. Be careful to avoid overwatering and ensure they receive the proper light levels for a happy, healthy plant. Be careful, though; while they are sun tolerant, some varieties of caladium do not like too much sun exposure.

What makes caladium a popular choice for houseplants?

The vibrant, diverse colors and patterns of caladium leaves are enough to make anyone fall in love with them. Add to that their hardiness and ability to grow in varying light conditions, and you have a houseplant that’s attractive and easy to care for.

How does the foliage color vary among different Caladium varieties?

Each caladium variety has a unique leaf color. Some leaves are bright red, others green, pink, white, or even a mix of different shades. The color varies significantly among different varieties, making each a unique spectacle.


There you have it! A deep dive into the colorful world of caladium varieties. These plants are a testament to the beauty of diversity. Each leaf, each vein, and each splash of color contribute to the stunning visuals that caladiums offer. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of Candidum, the vibrant allure of Pink Beauty, or the crisp simplicity of Iceberg, there’s a caladium variety waiting to win your heart. So, if you’re planning to add a new houseplant to your collection, why not choose a caladium? The world of caladium varieties is an exciting one to explore. Happy planting!

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