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9 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Birds

9 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Birds

flowers that look like birds

If you’ve ever been amazed by the clever mimicry of nature, you’re in for a treat. Our subject today is flowers that look like birds. Yes, you read that right! There are stunning flowers out there, their petals shaped so intricately that they resemble our feathered friends. We’ve got a list of plants that look, dare I say, just like birds, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

The Bat Flower: A Mysterious Bloom

The Bat Flower

Meet the bat flower, a dark green, exotic bloom that doesn’t shy away from its bird-like identity. Its striking flowers bear a spooky resemblance to a bat’s face, complete with what looks like a bird head and a moth. This unusual flower is a rare and exotic find, guaranteed to add a touch of mystery to any garden. However, it’s not all looks; this flowering plant has adapted to thrive in decaying plants, making it a fascinating study of resilience.

The bat flower also has a secret weapon; it can bear up to nine flowers at once. Yes, nine! It’s like a flock of bat faces staring right back at you. If you’re a fan of the peculiar, this plant might be your next garden addition. While real bats like flying, these are content just hanging out all day.

The Crane-fly Orchid: A Graceful Mimic

The Crane fly Orchid

Next, we introduce the crane-fly orchid. This woodland orchid, native to Australia, is a master of disguise. With its single translucent white flower, it mimics the crane fly in a stunning display of nature’s artistry. If you squint a little, the flower looks like a tiny bird, wings spread wide, about to take off.

Not just pretty, the crane-fly orchid also has a purpose. Its resemblance to the crane fly helps it attract pollinators, proving that sometimes, plants that look like birds can offer their own perks!

The Red Birds in a Tree: A Burst of Color

The Red Birds in a Tree

Have you ever seen bright red flowers perched like birds on a tree branch? If not, let me introduce you to the red birds in a tree plant. This plant produces flowers that look just like red birds perched on a branch. It’s an absolutely delightful sight, a burst of color that brings life to any garden.

Don’t let the fiery appearance fool you. These red flowers are as sturdy as they come. The plant is a hardy type, capable of surviving harsh conditions while keeping its blooms intact. The next time you see a bird sitting on a branch, look again; it might just be a bunch of disguised elegant flowers.

The Bird’s Mouth Orchid: A Perfect Impersonator

The Bird s Mouth Orchid

Speaking of impressive, the bird’s mouth orchid plant is an absolute show-stopper. It takes the mimicry game a notch higher with flowers that look like the head of a bird. And not just any bird, but a baby bird that is waiting with its mouth wide open. It’s an uncanny resemblance that leaves many a plant lover in awe.

This orchid species hails from the tropics, where it flourishes under warm, humid conditions. Its flowers are shaped like a bird’s mouth, hence the name. A peculiar trait, but one that certainly sets it apart in the world of plants.

The Duck Orchid: A Quacky Surprise

The Duck Orchid

Ever seen a flower that looks like a flying duck? That’s right, meet the duck orchid, a marvel of nature that’s as charming as it is quirky. This rare and exotic flower, native to Australia, is a sight that never fails to amaze. Resembling a bird in flight, the flying duck orchid is an orchid species that captures your heart at first glance.

At first, you might think it’s a tiny duck taking off, with its beak open and wings spread. The resemblance is so striking, it’s hard to believe it’s actually a flower. It’s like a little duck frozen in time, forever ready to take flight. But don’t be fooled by the whimsical appearance of these types of flowers. They’re a resilient bunch, well-adapted to their native environment.

The Hummingbird Moth Orchid: A Deceptive Doppelganger

The Hummingbird Moth Orchid

Remember the hummingbird, that tiny, fast-flapping bird? Well, we’ve got flowers that resemble just that. Meet the hummingbird moth orchid, another brilliant creation of nature. Its petals are shaped to resemble a hummingbird, complete with the hovering effect. It’s like a miniature bird frozen mid-flight, a sight that never fails to fascinate.

This moth orchid hails from the rich rainforests of South America, where it has evolved to look like a hummingbird.

The Dove Orchid: A Symbol of Peace

The Dove Orchid

What’s more peaceful than a dove? A dove orchid, of course! This gorgeous flower, also known as the flower of the holy spirit, is shaped just like a dove, wings spread and ready to fly. Looking at it, one can’t help but feel a sense of calm and serenity.

Native to Central America, the dove orchid is a stunning display of nature’s creativity. Its elegant white flowers and dark green leaves make it a favorite among plant lovers. If you’re looking for a flower that’s as meaningful as it is beautiful, the dove orchid is a perfect choice. The flowers of this plant should make an ideal gift for any peace offering.

The Parrot Flower: A Tropical Surprise

The Parrot Flower

If you’re a parrot fan, you’ll love this next one. The parrot flower, with its vibrant blue or orange flowers, is a tropical surprise. It’s like having a tiny parrot perched on your plant, complete with a beak and feathers. The resemblance to a little parrot is uncanny!

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As a bonus, the parrot flower is a hardy plant. It can withstand a range of conditions, from full sun to partial shade. So if you’re looking for a touch of the exotic in your garden, the parrot flower could be just what you need. Plus, dealing with a plant that resembles a little parrot is better than dealing with all the droppings of the real thing.

The White Egret Orchid: An Elegant Impersonation

The White Egret Orchid

Last but not least, let’s take a moment to appreciate the white egret orchid. Named after the graceful egret, this orchid species has a single, stunning white flower that looks like a bird in flight. Its petals are shaped to mimic the egret’s spread wings, creating a vision of beauty and elegance.

The white egret orchid is native to Japan, where it is admired for its simple yet sophisticated charm. It’s proof that sometimes, the simplest designs can make the most profound impact.

FAQs on Flowers That Look Like Birds

Why do some flowers look like birds? How do these flowers benefit from looking like birds?

Great question! Many flowers have evolved to look like birds as a survival strategy. By resembling birds, these flowers can attract pollinators and increase their chances of reproduction.

What is the most common bird-like flower?

That would likely be the bird of paradise flower. Known for its bright colors and bird-like shape, it’s a popular choice for tropical gardens. Though bird of paradise flowers are great, you should also explore other options as there are many great beauties out there.

Are there any other plants that look like animals?

Absolutely! There are many plants out there that resemble different animals, from monkeys to butterflies. It’s a big, wide world of plant mimicry out there.


Flowers that look like birds offer a fascinating glimpse into nature’s creativity. From the bat flower to the white egret orchid, these plants go beyond the usual blooms to create artful imitations of our feathered friends. They remind us that in nature, beauty comes in many forms, and sometimes, those forms look just like a bird! So next time you’re out in the garden, take a moment to appreciate these natural marvels. Who knows, maybe a dozen flowers that appear like an exotic bird are just what you need to spruce up your home.


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