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Discover 10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Hydrangeas

Discover 10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Hydrangeas


Hey, flower enthusiasts! You know hydrangeas, right? Those heavenly clusters of blooms could make a rock swoon with their fragrant delights. But did you know there’s a whole world of flowers out there that resemble hydrangeas? Yes, indeed! Let’s explore this charming universe of flowers that look like hydrangeas. These similar-looking plants come in many varieties, and their flowers look just as lovely.

Egyptian Star Flower

Egyptian Star

First up is the Egyptian Star Flower. It’s a perennial shrub that can jazz up your garden like no other. With its white blossoms that burst open to reveal a cheerful yellow center, this flower can give hydrangeas a run for their money.

It grows well in full sun and well-draining soil. And the best part? You can also grow it as a container plant, a delightful addition if you choose to plant it on your balcony or windowsill.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells

Coral Bells are another sight to behold. They are flowering plants with dark green leaves and clusters that look similar to hydrangeas. They come in a wide range of colors, from pure white to dark purple, adding a touch of whimsy to any garden.

They are a favorite among butterflies, making your garden a paradise not just for you but for these beautiful creatures too. They grow well in various soil types, making them easy to care for.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Next up, we’ve got Mountain Laurel. Picture this – a shrub growing 4 to 6 feet in height, adorned with a bouquet of white flowers that look like snowball hydrangeas. That’s Mountain Laurel for you!

This evergreen shrub can be a fabulous ground cover or specimen plant. It requires well-drained soil and full sun, and bam! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous flowering shrub. As a bonus, they also resemble red berries, adding to that aesthetic appeal.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea

The Oakleaf Hydrangea is a true doppelgänger to its hydrangea sibling. This shrub grows large white flower heads that are pale green and age to white again, just like a hydrangea.

But what sets it apart is its stunning green foliage that turns a fiery red in the fall.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle

The Crape Myrtle, also known as the ‘lilac of the South,’ is a vision in bloom. Its panicle-like clusters of colorful flowers have often been compared to the hydrangea flower.

This shrub can reach heights of 15 to 30 feet and thrives in soil that drains well. And there is a vast range of hues in the blooms.

Panicle Hydrangea

Panicle Hydrangea

The Panicle Hydrangea is a type of hydrangea that’s different from the rest. Its individual flowers bloom in a cone-shaped panicle, unlike the usual round flower heads of hydrangeas.

You’ll find it showing off its white and cream blooms in late spring. It’s a hardy bloomer that can withstand a broader range of climates than its hydrangea cousins. The bloom in the spring is the perfect welcome into the next season after the winter.

Flame of the Woods

Flame of the Woods

No, we’re not talking about a forest fire here! The Flame of the Woods is an evergreen shrub that could easily pass off as a hydrangea. Its flowers come in clusters of red and orange that truly live up to its fiery name.

They are similar in size to hydrangeas, and with the right growing conditions, these beauties can make your garden look like a hydrangea wonderland.

Bigleaf Hydrangea

Bigleaf Hydrangea

The Bigleaf Hydrangea is the most common type of hydrangea you’ll find. But don’t let ‘common’ make you think it’s any less magnificent. Its large flower heads resemble snowball shrubs and come in a variety of colors, from blue to pink, depending on the soil pH. The wide variety of colors is perfect for gardeners that like to play around with different designs.

Butterfly Bush (Buddleja Davidii)

Buddleja Davidii

The Butterfly Bush, with its long, panicle-shaped clusters of small flowers, resembles a hydrangea. But it doesn’t stop at just looking pretty. This shrub is a magnet for butterflies, adding life and color to your garden.

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Growing up to 15 feet, the Butterfly Bush thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. So, if you want a hydrangea look-alike that also attracts butterflies, this is your pick!

Smooth Hydrangea

Smooth Hydrangea

Rounding off our list is the Smooth Hydrangea. This hydrangea shrub is unique with its spherical white flower heads, resembling a snowball bush.

It’s also known for its dark green leaves that provide a lovely contrast to its pure white blooms. Similar growing conditions as hydrangeas, well-drained soil, and full sun will have this stunner thriving in your garden.


What Are Some Other Flowers That Look Like Hydrangeas?

Some other flowers that look like hydrangeas include the European Cranberry Bush, the Chinese Snowball, and the Common Lilac. Each of these has a charm of its own and can add a touch of hydrangea-like elegance to your garden.

How Can I Distinguish Between a Hydrangea and a Similar Looking Flower?

Distinguishing between a hydrangea and a similar-looking flower can be tricky. Look for key features like leaf shape, flower structure, and growth habits. For example, the hydrangea plant typically has larger, broader leaves, and its flowers usually come in tight, spherical clusters. 

Are There Any Hydrangea Variants That Do Not Have The Traditional Cluster Flower Heads?

Yes, indeed! The Panicle Hydrangea, for instance, has cone-shaped flower heads instead of the traditional round clusters. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Can Hydrangea-Inspired Flowers Thrive in The Same Conditions as Actual Hydrangeas?

Many of the flowers that resemble hydrangeas have similar growing conditions. They generally prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. However, always check the specific needs of each plant to ensure it thrives.


So there you have it, folks! A garden full of hydrangea look-alikes can be just as breathtaking as one filled with the real deal. From the Egyptian Star Flower to the Butterfly Bush, these flowers that look like hydrangeas will surely add a touch of magic to your garden. Shrubs that grow and mimic hydrangeas bloom can be just as beautiful in their own right. Try mixing other plants as well to create a garden that’s truly unique and beautiful.


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