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12 Different Flowers That Almost Look Like Roses

12 Different Flowers That Almost Look Like Roses

pink roses flowers in the garden

Flowers have long been symbols of beauty, love, and admiration. Among all the flowers, roses are perhaps the most popular. However, there are many flowers that look like roses, boasting unique features and characteristics that distinguish them from traditional roses. These rose doppelgängers carry their own distinct charm and allure. In this article, we’ll explore some of these amazing flowers that closely resemble the classic beauty of roses.

Peony: The White and Pink Rose-Like Flower

purple peony flowers in the garden

Peonies are beautiful flowers that look like roses. They come in different colors such as white, pink, or red. This makes them an excellent alternative to traditional roses, whether you’re adding color to your garden or assembling a beautiful bouquet for someone special.

Peonies share a blooming season with roses, usually falling between late spring and early summer. They also grow on bushes that are similar in shape to those of miniature rose plants.

Carnation: The Red and Small Counterparts to Roses

Carnation flowers

Carnations are smaller than regular-sized roses. They may not come in various shades, but they make wonderful gifts. These flowers are a great alternative to roses if you want something simple yet elegant.

Carnation petals range from soft pastel hues, like pink, to bold brights, like red. No matter what the occasion, if it calls for delicate blooms with frilly edges, carnations are perfect!

Lisianthus: The Purple and Thornless Rose Look-Alikes

Lisianthus flowers

Lisianthus flowers look similar to traditional rose buds. But unlike real roses with thorny stems, Lisianthuses have smooth green stalks topped with velvety purple blooms.

These beautiful flowering plants bloom throughout the summer months. They provide long-lasting enjoyment both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they’re frequently used in cut-flower arrangements because they last longer than many other flowers.

Moss Rose: The Unique Rose Twin

Moss Rose flowers

Moss roses are unique flowers that resemble miniature rose bushes. They have small, double-petaled blooms and come in a wide range of colors, from pink to yellow. Moss roses make great ground cover for your garden or front yard.

These plants bloom throughout the summer months. They’re perfect for adding pops of color to your landscape year-round!

Cotton Rose Hibiscus: The Exotic Look-Alike

Cotton Rose Hibiscus flowers

Cotton rose hibiscus is an exotic flower that looks like a traditional rose. It boasts much larger petals, often measuring around 8 inches across, giving off an almost “fluffy” appearance when viewed up close.

These large flowers usually appear on tall stems with glossy green leaves. They thrive under warm weather conditions and provide a stunning display within any tropical setting.

Unraveling the Rose-like Mysteries of Bushes and Trees

Many flowering trees have blossoms that mimic those of bush-style roses. Here are some examples:

Heather’s Rose-like Flowers

This tree features delicate white and purple petals clustered together atop dark woody branches. It’s reminiscent of real miniature roses popularized by bonsai planting techniques.

Yellow-flowered Wild Roses

Yellow Wild Rose Bush

These flowers provide beautiful displays during springtime. They also produce fragrant scents similar to their more well-known counterparts.

Japanese Roses

Japanese Roses

These roses are often grown for their lovely foliage. It provides both visual appeal and a distinctive scent, making it ideal for various indoor settings.

Ranunculus: The Lesser Known Impersonator

Ranunculus flowers in basket

Ranunculus is a lesser-known yet equally impressive flower that looks like a rose. With lush petal clusters available in shades ranging from pale pastels to dark bolds, these flowers are perfect for adding color to gardens or wedding bouquets!

Ranunculus blooms feature a layered petal structure which gives them their signature look. They also have long stems that make them ideal for cut-flower arrangements.

Camellia: The Rose’s Floral Double

Camellia flower

Camellias are garden flowers that look like roses. They come in many colors and sizes, ranging from small shrubs to large trees. This makes it easy to find one that fits your garden needs perfectly.

The flowers of camellias resemble traditional roses, with petals arranged around a central cluster of stamens and pistils. These lovely flowers bloom throughout the winter months, providing an excellent option for those looking for cold-weather plants!

Dahlia: A Stunning Rose Pretender

Dahlias Two Flowers Pink color

Dahlias are another type of flower known for their resemblance to classic rose buds. However, unlike roses with thorny stems, Dahlias have smooth green stalks topped by velvety blooms. These often resemble miniature sunflowers more than anything else!

These vibrant flowers bloom throughout the summer months. They provide long-lasting enjoyment both indoors and outside in gardens. Because they last longer than many other types of flowers, Dahlias are frequently used in cut-flower arrangements.

Begonias and Double Impatiens: The Twins in Disguise

Double Impatiens Fiesta Bonita Stardust Lavender

Double impatiens come in various shades, including pink, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, violet, brown, and black – simply put, almost any shade you can imagine! Their double-layered petals give off an intricate appearance similar to those found in carnations, yet they still retain some resemblance to true rose varieties.

Begonias, on the other hand, provide smaller clusters appearing atop thin, wiry-like branches. This plant features delicate-looking foliage alongside its pretty little flower heads, lending it rather unique qualities that set it apart from its rose-like relatives.

Double Tulips: The Multipetaled Rose Cousins

Double Tulips flowers purple

Double tulips are another great option when looking for flowers that look like roses. These pretty blooms come in a wide range of colors and feature layers upon layers of petals, making them look like miniature peonies!

They bloom throughout the spring months. This makes them an excellent alternative to traditional roses if you’re seeking something simple yet elegant-looking.

Gardenias: The Fragrant Rose Look-Alikes

Gardenias flowers in the garden

Gardenias are known primarily for their fragrant scent. They also resemble traditional rose buds, with white or pink petals arranged around a central cluster of stamens and pistils.

These lovely plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. They’re perfect when you’re looking to add pops of color to areas such as living rooms, offices, or hallways.

QA About Flowers That Look Like Roses

What flowers resemble roses and make wonderful cut flowers?

Many different flowers resemble roses and make excellent cut flowers. This includes Peonies, Carnations, and Lisianthus, to name a few. Peonies and Carnations can often be mistaken for roses due to their similar petal arrangement, while Lisianthus flowers come in vibrant colors like purple, which can be compared to some species of roses. Camellias, known for their double flowers, are another type that can look exactly like a rose, and they are also wonderful as cut flowers.

Are there flowers that look more like origami or water lilies but still have similarities with roses?

Yes, indeed. Certain varieties of tulips, particularly the double tulips, bring the rose flower shape but look more like origami or water lilies due to their intricate petal folds. These flowers are usually available in colors like purple, yellow, and creamy white, and their frilly flowers are not only beautiful to behold but also attract pollinators like butterflies.

Are there flowers that bloom in different seasons yet maintain the appearance of roses?

Yes, many of these flowers do. For instance, Camellias bloom during winter, whereas Dahlia and Double Impatiens show their best show of flowers in the summer. Double tulips are excellent spring bloomers that resemble roses. Despite the varied blooming periods, they all share the shape and look of double roses, making them beautiful additions to any rose garden or as standalone flowering plants in the world.

How do I care for my rose-like flowers to help keep them looking their best?

Rose-like plants require regular watering and fertilization during the growing season to maintain their vibrant colors. Ensure proper soil pH levels are maintained at all times to grow roses in conditions that make them thrive. Use a good quality potting mixture enriched with organic materials. This will provide the nourishment required to keep your flowers looking beautiful and vibrant year-round! Regular pruning of dead leaves and stems is also important for maintaining the overall health and appearance of these wonderful little beauties. Also, some flowers in this list like semi-double roses and other delicate flowers may need protection from harsh weather conditions.

Can rose-like flowers be used in a garden as perennial flowers?

Yes, many of the flowers that are similar to roses and are mentioned above are perennial flowers. This means they will come back year after year, providing a consistent and stunning show of flowers. They can be a perfect addition to any garden, offering a look of double roses in conditions that make for a fascinating display. The beauty of roses and these rose-like flowers can certainly enhance any garden space.

What are some rose-like flowers that are fragrant?

Many flowers that share similarities with roses are fragrant. For instance, Gardenias are known primarily for their fragrant scent. They resemble traditional rose buds with white or pink petals arranged around a central cluster of stamens and pistils. Flowers also like purple roses and some species of roses are usually fragrant, adding an additional layer of sensory pleasure to your garden.


As we have seen, there are many different flowering plant species, including flowers that look like roses, closely related to true classic Roses. Both their visual appeal and fragrance can match those of roses. We hope this list has inspired you to explore some lesser-known choices within the realm of floral design. From small shrubs to large trees and everything in between, these flowers that look like roses could easily become your new favorites. Let us know what your picks are from the group listed above. We would love to hear all about them!

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