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How to Water Bromeliads: Tips for Better Plant Care

How to Water Bromeliads: Tips for Better Plant Care

how to water bromeliads

How to water bromeliads? Any plant parent looking to add some variety and color to their indoor garden should choose these unique indoor plants.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are sure to catch the eye: even an inexperienced gardener is able to make sure that their bromeliads will thrive.

Still, as with any houseplant, proper care is essential for keeping them thriving. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to care for bromeliads indoors.

Bromeliad Plant Care & Watering Needs

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What Are Bromeliads?

Bromeliad plants belong to the genus “Bromelia,” which includes more than 3,000 species of tropical flowering plants native primarily to Central and South America. These so-called air plants can be found growing on trees or rocks (epiphytic), directly on soil (terrestrial), or even without soil: some of their varieties are able to absorb moisture from the air!

One unique aspect of these fascinating plants is their method of reproduction – they produce pups! Pups grow at the base of the plants that reached maturity after blooming has finished; over time, they will develop into full-grown adult specimens themselves.

The Importance of Proper Watering

Like most houseplants, too much water could lead to root rot and flush out nutrients, while too little would cause dehydration, leading to your plant’s leaves turning brown around the edges due to lack of moisture absorption.

But when it comes to watering methods for different types of bromeliad, such as epiphytes or terrestrials, one must understand what type suits best according to its needs because both have different ways of absorbing moisture and nutrients based on where they naturally grow within an ecosystem.

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How to Water Bromeliads for Success

When taking care of bromeliads, water frequency is key. Let’s dive deeper into our tips:

Watering Bromeliads in Pots and Indoors

If growing indoors, use pots filled with potting soil or mix instead of natural soil: this will help you avoid root rot by getting rid of excess water quickly. The best way to water a bromeliad in a pot is by filling the central cup (the tank) with water, making sure not to overfill it.

How Often to Water Bromeliad Plants

Bromeliads prefer to grow in soil that is moist but not wet; so how often you should be watering your plant depends on factors such as humidity and temperature. Watering every one to two weeks during the growing season or when the topsoil feels dry will do just fine to satisfy the needs of a healthy bromeliad.

Do not let the plant sit in water: a pot that is full of water is the quickest way to root rot. It is important that your potting mix lets the water to run through easily if there is an excess of it.

The Best Type of Water for Bromeliads

While tap water is generally safe for most houseplants, it’s important to note that tap water contains numerous minerals (i.e. it is hard water) and bromeliads are sensitive and can suffer from mineral buildup. Filtered water, distilled water, or rainwater work better since they don’t contain any harmful chemicals like chlorine, which would harm these plants. This also helps avoid salt build-up within tanks of epiphytic species.

Never use stagnant water (i.e. old water that was left in the open for too long): water quality is very important for bromeliads.


How Do I Know When My Bromeliad Needs Water?

The easiest way to tell if your bromeliad needs more moisture is by checking its leaves. If they start curling inward slightly, go ahead and give them some love!

Do You Water Your Bromeliads from the Top or Bottom?

For terrestrial varieties, it’s best to pour water directly into the base where roots absorb nutrients. For bromeliads growing without soil (epiphytes), fill the tank located at the center, similar to a vase structure found near foliage tips called the “central cup.”

How Often Should I Be Watering My Plant?

It varies depending on location conditions. Typically, once per week might suffice, but it depends on environmental factors affecting growth rate, including light intensity levels and the size and species being cultivated.
It also needs to be said that it is really impossible to overemphasize the importance of avoiding overwatering. If your plant develops root rot, you will have to cut the affected roots off and this will negatively affect the development of your plant.

What Is The Best Way To Give Them A Drink?

When watering, make sure that there isn’t excess liquid sitting stagnant around the base, as this standing water increases the risk of causing damage such as root rotting, especially amongst terrestrial bromeliads.

Should I Mist My Bromeliad Plant?

Misting can be beneficial for bromeliads, as such a stream of water drops increases humidity levels and provides moisture to the leaves. However, since they are not true epiphytes, there is no urgent need to mist these plants.

How Do You Water Bromeliad Pups?

Pups should be watered in the same way as mature plants – by filling up their central cups with water.

How Much Water Should I Give My Bromeliad?

It depends on your plant’s size and species; most often, you’ll just need enough water to keep the soil moist but never saturated!

Additional Tips For Bromeliad Care

  • Maintaining Humidity: Since these tropical beauties thrive in high-humidity environments (think rainforests), you may want to consider using a humidifier or placing a tray of pebbles filled with distilled water underneath your potted plant. This will help keep them happy and healthy!
  • Ensuring Proper Light And Temperature: While some varieties prefer direct sunlight, others do best in indirect light conditions. It’s important to research each specific type before planting indoors or outdoors because different types require varying amounts of natural lighting exposure depending on where they come from originally within an ecosystem.


In conclusion, whether you’re new to gardening or have been doing this for a while, knowing how much water and what kind works best when watering any houseplant, including members of the bromeliad family, could mean the difference between a thriving specimen versus one dying out due to neglect!

By following our tips on how to water bromeliads growing a flourishing indoor garden becomes easier than ever imagined possible.

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