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15 Amazing Houseplants & Outdoor Plants with Big Leaves

15 Amazing Houseplants & Outdoor Plants with Big Leaves

monstera big leaves

Plants enrich our lives with their beauty and health benefits. If you’re looking to enhance your indoor space or outdoor garden, plants with big leaves are a fantastic choice.

Big leaf plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the lush tropical allure of elephant ears to the compact charm of dwarf cavendish banana trees. This article explores popular indoor and outdoor options for those who adore large foliage.

Indoor and Houseplants with Big Leaves: Monstera, Elephant Ear, Bird of Paradise and more

Are you seeking a way to invite nature into your home or office? Houseplants with big leaves could be just the ticket! Here are five unique choices that will transform any room into an oasis.

Elephant Ear – The Giant of Houseplants

Elephant Ear Plant Big Leaves

As suggested by its name, the elephant ear is a giant plant. It features large deep green leaves that resemble elephant ears. These stunning big leaf indoor plants can grow up to four feet tall indoors, and even taller outdoors. They prefer moist soil but don’t tolerate overwatering due to their susceptibility to root rot diseases.

Elephant ear Plants thrive best in bright light environments. However, filtered sunlight is also beneficial, particularly for indoor growth. Their low maintenance requirements make them perfect for those with busy schedules!

Monstera Deliciosa – The Iconic Split-Leaf Plant

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa, also known as split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese vine, is a popular indoor plant. Its beautiful green leaves with fenestrations create an exotic, striking appearance.

Monstera deliciosa is also known for its easy maintenance, making it perfect for first-time plant parents. It can thrive in low light conditions, but it prefers bright indirect sunlight. A moderate watering schedule is all it needs to maintain its stunning tropical beauty!

Fiddle Leaf Fig – The Interior Designer’s Favorite

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig trees have gained popularity among interior designers. They feature large leaves that bring a sense of majesty and elegance to any room.

However, maintaining fiddle leaf figs requires care. These plants need adequate amounts of direct or filtered sunlight. Once placed in a location, avoid moving them too often as sudden changes in lighting can damage their leaves. Despite their need for regular attention, they’re worth having, especially when paired with other tree types!

Philodendron Xanadu – The Wide-Spread Foliage

Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendrons, known for their waxy green foliage, add elegance wherever they’re planted. Philodendron Xanadu features broad, pleated-shaped lobed leaves while remaining short. They’re perfect for filling out corners and creating an indoor jungle vibe.

The philodendron xanadu is easy to grow. It thrives in low light areas, making it an ideal choice for dim-lit rooms. This plant doesn’t require frequent watering, so it won’t wilt quickly, even if occasionally forgotten.

Bird of Paradise – The Tropical Statement

bird of paradise plant

Birds of paradise are iconic tropical statement pieces. They feature large green leaves that resemble banana-like leaves with orange and blue flowers popping up on long stalks.

These exotic beauties need regular care. They prefer direct sunlight but should be placed under filtered lighting conditions when grown indoors. Watering frequency varies depending on sun exposure. More waterings are needed when exposed directly, whereas less frequent ones suffice under reduced illumination levels.

Outdoor Plants with Big Leaves

Outdoor gardening enthusiasts also have plenty of options for big leaf plants. Here’s a list of five popular outdoor plants known for their massive, broad-leaved structures:

Banana Plant – Exotic & Spectacular

Banana Plant

Banana trees are some of the most impressive big-leaved outdoor plants. These majestically tall trees feature foot-long deep-green leaves, creating dramatic backdrops. Besides bringing aesthetic appeal, bananas can also be grown for consumption, and their fruits are known for their high nutritional value.

These tropical stunners adore full sun exposure, as they flourish in warm climates where temperatures stay above 60°F throughout the year. They perform best when positioned near water sources such as streams or rivers, providing extra humidity during drier weather conditions that could adversely affect leaf growth rates!

Rhubarb – The Edible Giant

Rhubarb plant

Rhubarb is an edible giant plant species that grows very quickly if given optimal growing conditions. Its gigantic broad leaves create impressive backdrops, especially when paired with flowers like tulips or roses. This plant features extremely large leaves that can measure up to three feet long and wide, making it quite eye-catching wherever located. Rhubarbs require minimum maintenance while providing great aesthetic appeal.

They thrive best in cool temperate regions, although they still perform impressively even when exposed partially to direct sunlight daily. Furthermore, they are known to be quite resilient when it comes to pest infestations!

Giant Rhubarb – The Unusual Outdoor Spectacle

Giant Rhubarb Plant

The giant rhubarb is an unusual spectacle among outdoor plant species that can reach up to 15 feet tall and wide! These plants with enormous leaves have interesting white veining patterns, making them aesthetically pleasing even from afar. Their huge leaves feature pleated folds, which give off a unique texture.

These exotic beauties don’t require much attention but still need adequate amounts of sunlight for their optimal growth rates. They’ll grow well under partial shade or direct sunlight exposure, although overexposure should be avoided as this could cause scorching on its foliage, especially during hot afternoons in the summer.

Sacred Lotus – The Oriental Beauty

Sacred Lotus Plant

Sacred lotus flowers are one-of-a-kind large-leaved plant species that add an oriental feel wherever planted. These pond-tolerant aquatic plants feature majestic pink blooms atop massive green leaves. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, Sacred lotuses also provide immense symbolic meaning, particularly across Eastern cultures where they’re regarded as sacred relics.

They thrive best under warm humid environments, hence planting near water sources such as ponds would greatly improve leaf growth rates. Also, mulching around the base area helps retain moisture levels, keeping your cherished stems healthy & lush-looking year-round!

Unique Big Leaf Plants

Craving a change from your usual houseplants? Eager to bring some novelty and zest into your plant collection? Big leaf plants are just what you need! These plants are more than just bold statement pieces. They boast unique traits that make them stand out among other plant types. So, here are five exceptional big leaf plants that you might want to consider:

Calathea – The Prayer Plant

Calathea plant

Calatheas are celebrated for their magnificent foliage, flaunting intricate patterns and hues. The prayer plant (Calathea orbifolia) is a notable species. It features large, round leaves adorned with silver stripes against dark green, velvet-like foliage. They are coined as ‘prayer plants’ due to their leaves folding up at night, resembling praying hands.

For calatheas, aim for low to medium light. Water them often to keep their soil damp but not waterlogged. To maintain high humidity levels, consider misting or placing a water tray near the plant.

Majesty Palm – The Luxurious Fan of Leaves

Majesty Palm

Majesty palms (Ravenea rivularis) are beloved indoor trees. They owe their name to their regal appearance, featuring long, feathery fronds that echo tropical beach palm trees.

These palms flourish best away from direct sunlight, which could scorch their delicate leaves. Instead, place them somewhere that gets bright, indirect light. Remember, don’t overwater this beauty!

African Mask Plant – The Intriguing Indoor Plant

African Mask Plant

The African mask plant (Alocasia amazonica) is an enticing indoor choice. It showcases triangular-shaped, deep green glossy foliage. White veins crisscross its surface, reminiscent of abstract art pieces.

To keep these beauties happy indoors, maintain consistently moist soil. Ensure proper drainage to avoid waterlogging and keep them away from cold drafts.

Rubber Tree – The Versatile Foliage Plant

Rubber Tree

Rubber Trees come in a variety of forms, but one of the most popular is Ficus elastica. This versatile houseplant has large, glossy leaves that can grow up to a foot long. They come in vibrant shades of deep green.

Rubber trees are relatively low-maintenance plants. They need bright indirect light and well-draining soil. Allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again.

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree – The Compact Tropical Beauty

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

While banana trees may seem like outdoor-only tropical plants, there’s a compact variety perfect for indoor spaces! Dwarf Cavendish bananas (Musa acuminata) have broad leaves with a slightly ruffled edge, giving your home an exotic touch.

These mini versions need ample sunlight for optimal growth. So, placing them near South-facing windows would be best. Water them frequently but ensure proper drainage.


Why do some plants have bigger leaves than others?

Plants with bigger leaves typically originate from areas with high humidity levels or require more water. Bigger surfaces are ideal as they absorb moisture better. Additionally, big-leafed plants are often found in hot climates. Larger foliage helps shield plant parts from direct sun rays that could cause them to dry out.

How to care for plants with big leaves?

It’s crucial to keep their environment moist enough and provide proper drainage. This allows water to runoff, preventing roots from sitting in standing water, which could lead to fungal infections. Also, avoid exposing these beauties directly to harsh sunlight, as it could damage their delicate foliage.

Are there any common issues with big leaf plants?

The main problem people who opt for Big Leaf Plants usually face is yellowing on the older, lower-level leaves. This is often due to age or inadequate care, causing a rotting root system, resulting in overall wilting. However, minor pruning can quickly fix this issue.

Can Big Leaf Plants thrive in low light conditions?

Most species struggle to adapt to low-light conditions. They rely heavily on photosynthesis, hence the need for plenty of light. However, certain species, like the Snake Plant or ZZ Plants, can cope in low-lit spaces.

What are some benefits of having Big Leaf Plants?

These plants not only add a striking visual element but also purify the air by absorbing harmful toxins. This makes them popular indoor options for those with allergies. Additionally, they regulate humidity levels within a space and inject life into any room!


Plants with big leaves possess unique characteristics that add character and depth to your home decor. They also contribute to maintaining good health. Whether you prefer the intricate patterns of the calathea, the tropical vibes of the majesty palm, or the abstract art-like appearance of the African Mask plant, there’s an option perfect for your personal style. By carefully following our tips, you can ensure their longevity. This allows you to admire their beauty daily without stressing over maintenance!

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