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Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulent Garden Ideas

magical path succulent garden

You may think they are just like every other garden and there is nothing special about them, but after you check out our succulent garden ideas, you will change your mind completely. 

Gardens are not just another part of your property. They are also a way to express your artistic side and make your house one of a kind. Succulent gardens are also a new popular trend for households, making them very desirable additions if you are planning to sell your house.

basic succulant garden

What is a Succulent Plant?

Before you start planting your new garden, you should have a basic idea of what is a succulent plant. Succulents plants (succulents) are a group of plants that have evolved to survive in arid climates and soils by collecting water from unusual sources, like mist and dew. Succulents have thick, fleshy roots and leaves where they usually store their water reserves. These parts are made up of 95% water and have spikes to protect the precious water from animals. The most famous group of plants from the succulent family are cacti, but there are other well-known species such as aloe vera. Many succulents have medical uses, from skincare to anti-inflammatory medications.

succulent plants

Why Would You Want to Build a Garden That Has Plants with Spikes?

You may think you will constantly prick yourself on spikes, but that’s nothing to worry about. Most of the succulents have small spikes that are either soft or very spaced apart, so you will easily avoid them. The only type of succulent plant that needs to be handled with care is cacti. They are infamous for their long and strong spikes that can pierce deep into your skin. Cacti are usually larger than most succulents, and, as we mentioned, they require you to be a bit more careful. You might want to avoid them if this is your first time creating a succulent garden.

spikes of succulent palnts

The best thing about succulents is that you don’t need to water them regularly. They are also pretty strong and can adapt to all weather conditions, which means they require little or no maintenance. They also come in many different colors and sizes, so you will be able to make your backyard as colorful and varied as you want. You can plant them in small plant pots and put them on the window sill or place them on your patio. Now that you know what succulents are and why you might like to design your garden around them let’s take a look at some amazing yet simple succulent garden ideas.

1. Small Succulent Garden Ideas

You don’t need a lot of space to make a magical succulent garden that is sure to enchant guests who visit your backyard. Just arm yourself with a few basic tools and use some imagination. Here are some time-tested ideas that will help you achieve stunning results

Succulent in a Bowl

secculent garden in bowl

You can create a lovely garden in something as little as a bowl. Since it is so small, you will be able to move it wherever you want. It will look absolutely beautiful in your house, on a kitchen table or your work desk, on the patio outside — you name it. We really adore the picture above. With the succulents planted so close together, the bowl looks like a dense forest or a wild ecosystem.

Trip to The Past

Jurassic Park from Succulent plants

Succulent plants have a unique ancient look which makes them look nothing like any other modern plant. Add some stones, dried wooden branches, and plastic dinosaurs, and create a garden that looks like a landscape that came straight out of Jurassic Park. Not only will this garden give you a nostalgic feeling of the movies that you grew up in, but your kids will also absolutely love it as well.

Vertical Framed Garden

vertical succulent garden

If you want to save up as much space as possible, this will be a perfect design idea. While they possess juicy and heavy leaves, succulents have roots that are even tougher and capable of holding much more weight than the roots of other plants. This means you can plant them sideways, and they will still be able to grow. Make a wooden planter box and add a wooden frame to it to create a rustic feeling.

Make sure to coat the wood in wood lacquer to prevent mold and water damage. Plant the succulent plants and let them grow for some time. After they have reached their full size, you can hang the planter box to the fence or on an outside wall of your house. If you want to add color, you can plant colorful succulents and even draw unusual patterns and shapes using them.

Old Unused Aquarium

succulent garden in aquarium

If you have an empty aquarium lying in your basement or attic, turn it into something beautiful that will freshen up your house. Add small stones and some soil, and plant several different succulent plants, and — ta-da! — you have a unique and adorable decorative piece for your table. Never be afraid to use your imagination.

Shot Glasses

succulent garden in shot glasses

If you have more shot glasses than you will ever probably use, transform them into cute planter pots for your succulents. Use shot glasses of different heights to achieve an especially striking result. 

Non-Standard Geometry

succulent garden geometry idea

An indoor succulent garden with numerous flower pots, all of which are placed inside unusual geometric shapes, is a truly unique and interesting design idea. Try to get as many different shapes as possible. Fill them with colorful rocks and succulents, and you have something truly special.

Natural Curtains 

window cover succulent garden

If you have a window on the sunny side of your house and the direct sunlight in the morning makes it impossible to enjoy your beauty sleep, instead of buying boring window curtains, let Nature do your work for you. Plant a few hanging plants in a planter box above the window and cut them from time to time to prevent them from overgrowing. This will give your house a Mediterranean look.

2. Succulent Rock Garden Ideas

If you have a rocky backyard and want to lend color to it – both literally and figuratively, try planting a few succulents. They will bring a whole spectrum of colors, from red to purple, and enliven an otherwise barren-looking stone landscape. Here are some interesting ideas:

Magical Stone Path Through the Scenery

path through secculent garden

You will feel like you are in the middle of a magical forest while you are walking along this stone path. Everywhere you look, you will see a different kind of succulent plant, each in a different shape, color, and size. People often avoid this type of idea because it seems expensive and complicated to put into action, but in reality, it is really simple.

First, if you don’t already have a stone path, you will need to build one. Start by determining the route of the path. Ideally, it should connect points of interest in your backyards, such as a backdoor of your house and an outdoor storage room. Then dig out the trench for the path and fill it with stones. Then, pour gravel alongside it. You can even make small hills to make the landscape even more interesting.

Having finished building the path, you can start planting the succulents. Try to get as many different kinds as possible to make the garden truly colorful.

Step Garden on a Slope

steped succulent garden

If you have a sloping backyard with multiple levels, this idea will be perfect for you. Instead of boring old stairs, make the steps from big stone slabs. Plant the succulents all around the steps- and even in between them. If you want to, you can put boulders on the sides for succulents to grow around them and create an eye-catching landscape.

3. Succulent Garden Ideas for a Large Backyard

If you enjoy the luxury of having a big backyard with lots of free unused space, you are truly free to get creative with your garden and do anything you want. The best way to adorn any type of garden is to make cool and unique patterns and shapes with your plants and landscape. If you plan to do exactly this, get the plan of your property and make a drawing on it to get a rough idea of how your garden will look.

Magical Path

magical path succulent garden

Although this is one of the easiest patterns to make, this doesn’t make it less amazing. By planting numerous rows of differently colored succulents next to each other, you can make such a path/wall in your garden and divide it into multiple sections.

You can theme these sections with different colors or types of plants, or you can make an even larger and more interesting pattern, like a snowflake or spectrum of colors. If you want to make something less complicated but still as magical, get as many colors as possible and make a rainbow that will be in your backyard all the time.

Zoo Made of Plants

lizzard succulent garden

If you want something unique and fascinating, this is one of the wildest ideas out there. Create a variety of animal shapes using succulents and rocks. Get creative with colors and shapes, and especially textures. Use smooth stones for the eyes, dried-up branches for the antlers of deer, rough stones for tusks, coconut husk for fur, and so on. 

The Pattern on a Wall

succulent garden pattern on wall

If you have a big flat surface on the fence or a wall, and you want to decorate it, try making a mural using succulents. Before you start decorating the wall, draw a sketch and use an online tool called “Pixelise” to divide it into squares. You will see below why this is important. 

Start by making a square mesh on the wall using metal wires. The more squares you have in the mesh, the more details you will be able to add to the mural, just like the resolution of your TV. The more pixels your TV has, the better the quality of the picture.

After you have made a mesh, get the pixelated sketch and look at each square/pixel. The most dominant color of each pixel will determine the color of the succulent plant in each square of the mesh. Plant them in small flower pots and attach them horizontally to the mesh. Continue doing this until you make the whole mural.


How Often Should I Water My Succulent Plants?

Succulent plants don’t need a lot of water since they have evolved to thrive in arid climates. When it is the rainy season, you don’t need to water them at all. During the drier parts of the year, once a week will be more than enough for them to keep growing.

Can Succulent Gardens Survive the Winter?

Some succulents can survive the cold and even continue growing during the winter, but most of them have adapted to hotter weather conditions. If your succulent plants are planted in planter boxes and flower pots, move them indoors during the winter. This is also a good time to change the soil and remove any pests or weeds that may slow down their growth.

How to Care for My Succulent Garden?

There are some necessary steps to keep your succulents healthy. 
First, make sure they get enough sunlight, around 6 hours per day. Newly planted ones can get damaged in direct sunlight, so put them behind curtains or in any other shade. 
If the plants are planted in a pot, rotate them from time to time to prevent them from leaning too much. Like any other plant, they tend to move towards the Sun, so if you aren’t able to rotate them, provide them with shade or another light source. 
While you are watering them, soak the soil directly or put the pots in a pan filled with water. This will increase the growth rate of the roots. You should never use a spray bottle to water your succulents because they mainly absorb water through their roots, and excess water on their leaves will allow mold to form. 
Succulents don’t like damp soil, so choose a container with holes in it or don’t use a lot of water when watering them. 
Because of the juicy leaves filled with water, a lot of bugs are attracted to succulents and like to eat them. To get rid of them, spray leaves and soil with 70% alcohol. If you want to be extra caring for your succulents, wipe them with a wet towel from time to time to clean them and add a small amount of fertilizer to the soil.

If you want a more detailed guide on how to make a succulent garden or want to see more ideas, check out the videos below:

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Hopefully, now you know what succulents are, how to care for them, and how to make a beautiful and colorful garden with these magnificent plants. Hope our ideas and suggestions inspire you. Don’t be afraid to come up with succulent garden ideas of your own. Good luck with your DIY, and see you soon!

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