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Discover 10 Flowers That Look Like Peonies

Discover 10 Flowers That Look Like Peonies


Hey there, flower enthusiasts! Have you ever caught yourself swooning over a stunning peony? Those gorgeous blooms, their delicate ruffled petals, and that oh-so-lovely aroma…they’re pretty hard to resist, aren’t they? But sadly, peonies only bloom for a fleeting period in late spring. A real heartbreaker, I know! But what if I told you there are a host of flowers that look like peonies, offering a similar charm year round? Plus, they come in a wide range of colors. Intrigued? Let’s dive into our flower garden of peony alternatives!

Dahlia: The Peony’s Colorful Competitor


Now, let’s meet our first contestant – Dahlia, a flower that comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes. With its lush, layered petals and hues ranging from pastel to deep purple, it’s like the showy, extroverted cousin of the peony. Dahlias bloom from mid-summer through fall, so they’re a perfect late-season pick-me-up for your garden.

What sets Dahlia apart? Well, take the anemone-flowered dahlias, for example. They sport elongated florets that resemble peony petals, creating a similar look. And unlike peonies, dahlias are quite the sunbathers—they thrive best in sunny spots. These pretty flowers have both looks and toughness.

Carnation: The Ruffled Alternative to Peonies


Next up is the humble carnation, a popular cut flower known for its frilly, ruffled petals—much like peonies, right? It’s quite a versatile bloomer, with a wide range of hues from white and pale pink to mid to dark pink. The double bubble carnation and rosy cheeks carnation, with their densely packed petals, can easily pass for mini peonies!

Carnations are also a champ when it comes to longevity. Their blooms can last up to two weeks in a vase, keeping your home filled with beauty much longer than the fleeting peony.

Ranunculus: The Persian Buttercup’s Peony Connection


Ranunculus, also known as the Persian Buttercup, is another peony doppelgänger. It’s got layers and layers of soft petals that create a lush, peony-like look. The Ranunculus asiaticus, in particular, has large flowers that could fool anyone into thinking they’re peonies!

And let’s not forget about the color palette. Ranunculus blooms come in a gorgeous range of colors—from pastels to deep hues, making them a vibrant addition to any garden or bouquet.

Tulip: Double Tulips and Their Peony-Like Appearance


Moving on to tulips, or more specifically, double tulips. You may be surprised, but these are not your typical pointy tulips. Double tulips boast extra layers of petals, giving them a full, peony-like appearance.

What’s more, they’re a fantastic early spring bloomer. So when you’re eagerly waiting for peony season to roll around, double tulips can tide you over with their beautiful blooms.

Rose: The Charm of Garden Roses and Eden Rose


Roses, the quintessential flower of romance, also have varieties that bear a striking resemblance to peonies. Take garden roses and Eden roses, for instance. Their lush, layered petals and soft, rounded shape can mimic the peony flower quite convincingly.

Not only that, but roses also come in a broad spectrum of colors. From the classic red to white, pink, and even green peonies—oops, I mean roses!

Hydrangea: A Voluminous Bloom Resembling Peonies


Now let’s meet hydrangea, a flower that’s a little bit of a cheat on this list. Why, you ask? Because a single hydrangea head is actually a composite flower made up of many smaller flowers. But when all those little blooms come together, they create a big, voluminous flower head that looks a lot like a peony.

Plus, hydrangeas are super easy to grow. They’ll happily bloom away in your garden all summer long, giving you that peony vibe for months on end!

Chrysanthemum: The Shrub with Peony-Like Properties


Chrysanthemums, or “mums” as they’re fondly known, also feature on our list of flowers that look like peonies. Their large, globular flower heads, much like peonies, are a delight to behold.

Mums are autumn bloomers, making them perfect for filling that peony-shaped hole in your heart (and garden) during the fall. And the best part? They come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes, from the bushy tuberous flower to the tallest and most upright.

Camellia: The Japanese Camellia’s Peony-Like Appeal


Next up, let’s say konnichiwa to the Japanese Camellia. With its luscious layers of petals and a similar shape as peonies, it’s no wonder it’s often mistaken for our favourite flower.

What is the botanic difference between the two plants? Camellias are actually evergreen shrubs that bloom in late winter or early spring. So, while the rest of your garden is still snoozing, your Camellia will be putting on a show!

Marigold: The Unexpected Peony Look-Alike


Marigold might not be the first flower you think of when you’re looking for peony alternatives. But take a closer look at those ruffled petals and tell me they don’t remind you of peonies.

Marigolds come in warm, vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and carmine-red, which can add a touch of sunshine to your garden or vase. And guess what? They’re easy to grow, just like peonies!

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Lisianthus: A Delicate Flower That Resembles Peonies


Last but not least, let’s talk about Lisianthus. These flowers may be delicate, but their double-petaled varieties can look just like peonies. From the soft petals to the round shape, Lisianthus blooms are a peony look-alike that’s hard to beat.

And the color palette? Lisianthus comes in lovely shades of white, pastel pink, and dark pink. So, they can fill your garden or bouquet with a peony-like feel, no matter the season.

Flowers That Look Like Peonies FAQs

Why Might Gardeners Prefer Flowers Like Peonies?

Well, the answer’s quite simple. These flowers give the same lush, romantic feel as peonies but are available throughout different seasons. Plus, some of them are easier to grow and care for than peonies.

Are There Any Other Flowers That Resemble Peonies?

Absolutely! There’s a world of flowers out there with that peony-like look. From roses and ranunculus to dahlias and carnations, the options are plentiful.

How to Care for Flowers That Look Like Peonies?

Most of these flowers are pretty low maintenance. They need plenty of sunlight, well-drained soil, and a little bit of love and care.

What are the Main Differences Between These Flowers and Real Peonies?

While these flowers look similar to peonies, they each have their unique characteristics. For instance, some bloom earlier or later in the year than peonies. Others may come in colors that peonies don’t. Plus, their care requirements can differ, making some of them easier or harder to grow than peonies.

Can Peony Look-Alikes Survive in Different Climates?

Yes, they sure can! In fact, some peony look-alikes like carnations and roses are quite hardy and can thrive in various climates. It’s always a good idea to check the specific requirements of each flower type, though.

Are Peony Look-Alikes as Fragrant as Real Peonies?

Well, some are and some aren’t. Roses, for example, are known for their delightful scent, while others like the hydrangea have little to no fragrance. Again, it depends on the specific flower type.


There you have it, folks! A bouquet of beautiful flowers that look like peonies, ready to bring charm and beauty to your gardens and vases year round. While peonies have their unique allure, these alternatives offer the same lush, ruffled beauty, often with added benefits like longer blooming periods or easier care requirements. So why not give these peony look-alikes a try? Your garden (and your nose) will thank you!


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