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19+ Tips and Ideas for Indoor Decorating With Plants

19+ Tips and Ideas for Indoor Decorating With Plants


Most people honestly believe that plants belong outdoors. Still, the truth is that indoor decorating with plants can significantly impact the overall look of your home! Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color or spruce up your home décor, indoor plants are a great way to do it.

In late fall and winter, as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors. If your home is in need of a pick-me-up, one of the best ways to breathe new life into your space is by using plants for indoor decoration.

Not only do they add color and texture, but studies have shown that they can also improve your mood and cognitive function. Then again, if you’re not careful, your indoor plant can also turn your home into a veritable jungle. To help you avoid that fate, we’ve put together 19 tips for interior decorating with plants. 

Let’s get started:

1. Set a Theme

One of the first things to consider when incorporating houseplants into your home decor is what theme you want to go for. Do you want a tropical feel? Or looking for something more rustic? Once you have an idea of the overall theme, you can start picking the plant type that will complement it.

gardening plants insde pots set design garden planting nature theme

2. Start Small

If you’re new to this journey, it’s best to start small. Begin with just one or two houseplants and see how they do before adding more to your collection. This will help you figure out which varieties work best for decorating your home and give you time to develop a watering and care routine that works for you. Trust us – taking care of too many options can quickly become overwhelming!

Start Small

3. Use the Right Materials

When it comes to materials, there are two things to keep in mind: the pot and the plant itself. For the pot, make sure it’s big enough for the plant’s root system and that there are drainage holes in the bottom. As for the houseplant, pick one that’s hearty enough to withstand whatever type of environment it will be in (low light, high humidity, etc.)

indoor houseplant containers

4. Pick the Right Plant for the Right Spot

Not every type of houseplant thrives in every type of environment. When choosing a houseplant for your home, make sure to take into account the amount of sunlight and water it will need in order to survive. Once you’ve found the houseplant that will do well in your home, pick a spot for it that meets those needs. For example, placing it near a south-facing window is ideal if you have a plant that needs full sun.

Pick the Right Plant for the Right Spot

5. Consider the Size

Size is an important factor to consider when incorporating any plant into your home decor. You don’t want any plant that is too big or too small for the space it is going into. If you’re not sure what size to get, err on the side of caution and go with a smaller plant. You can always move it to a bigger pot later on.

size of plants

6. Consider the Size of the Pot

The size of the pot you choose for your plant is just as important as the plant itself. If the pot is too small, the roots will become cramped, and the plant will be stunted. Thus, if you’ve decided to start with smaller plants for decorating your home, then it is recommended that you look for indoor plants suitable for 6 inch pots. 

On the other hand, if the pot is too large, the plant will have difficulty taking up water and nutrients and could become root-bound. To avoid these problems, make sure to choose a pot that’s only slightly larger than the root ball of your plant.

size of housplants

7. Use Plenty of Decorative Pots

To have your own indoor plantation is surely great, but let’s be honest: some of the flowerpots are kind of ugly. That’s why we recommend using plenty of decorative pots. This way, you can hide the not-so-pretty pots inside pretty ones. It’s like double wrapping a present—only this time, it’s your plant that gets the extra layer of protection (and beauty).

Decorative pots

8. Get Creative with Displaying

There are endless ways to display a plant in your home. Do experiments until you find the best way for you and your green space. There’s no rule that says that an indoor plant has to stay on the ground! Get creative with how you display your houseplants by hanging them from the ceiling or placing them on shelves or in baskets. Make sure whatever container you use has proper drainage, so your plant doesn’t get overwatered.

hanging indoor plants

9. Don’t Forget the Details

Once you have your houseplants in place, take a step back and see what else needs to be done for decorating. You may need to move things around to create the perfect look. Trust your instinct and go with what looks best to you.

Don t Forget the Details

10. Group Plants Together

A single potted plant can be pretty, but a group of them is even better! Not only does grouping plants together create visual interest, but it also helps purify the air by producing more oxygen. When grouping plants together, make sure to choose ones with similar light and water needs so they can thrive in the same environment.

group of plants on table royalty free image

11. Add Some Color

One of the best things about decorating your home using plants is that they come in all different colors! And adding a pop of color to your home décor is one of the best indoor plants decorating ideas. If you want something more subdued, consider opting for a white or silver pot—the contrast will really make your green area stand out.

Furthermore, using some plants with colorful leaves is a great way to add a pop of color to your space without relying on flowers (which can be expensive). And there are plenty of options to choose from.

Colorful Houseplants that Youll Fall In Love With

12. Arrange Them in Odd Numbers

When it comes to arrangement, odd numbers are always better than even ones. That’s because odd numbers tend to be more visually pleasing to the eye. So when arranging your plants, try to group them in threes or fives instead of twos or fours. 

Indoor plants in odd numbers

13. Think About Leaf Shapes

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, so when choosing houseplants for decorating your home, it’s important to think about the leaf shapes you want to include. Do you want big, broad leaves? Or do you prefer small, delicate ones? A mix of both can look really nice, but too much of either can sometimes look a bit chaotic.

Leaf shapes of indoor plants

14. Get Creative with Your Containers

One of the best things about houseplants is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So why not get creative with your containers? Instead of using traditional pots and planters, try repurposing items you already have around the house, like mason jars, teacups, or even old shoes! Just make sure whatever you use has drainage holes so your houseplant doesn’t end up sitting in water.

Get Creative with Your Containers

15. Think Outside the Pot

Not every houseplant needs to go in a pot that sits on the windowsill! Hanging it is perfect for small spaces or areas where you want to make a statement. And if you don’t have a green thumb, no worries – there are plenty of options that are virtually indestructible, like succulents.

indoor hanging plants

16. Consider Your Lighting 

Before you go out and buy a bunch of houseplants, it’s important to take stock of your lighting situation. Different houseplants require different amounts of light, so you’ll want to make sure you choose varieties that will thrive in the conditions you’re able to provide. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your local nursery for recommendations.

lighting for indoor plants

17. Use Some Pebbles

If you are wondering about how to decorate indoor plants with pebbles, this idea is for you. Pebbles are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your indoor greenery. You can find pebbles at your local hardware store or even online. Simply choose the color and size of the pebble that you want, and then place them below the pot. For an extra touch, DIY enthusiasts can even paint the pebbles.

Make a Pebble Tray for Houseplants to Increase Humidity DIYs

18. Decorate Your Living Room

Indoor plants are a great way to liven up any room in your house, especially the living room. Not only do they look great, but they can also help purify the air in your home. When choosing indoor decor plants for the living room, be sure to pick ones that are low maintenance and can tolerate low light conditions.

Peace Lilies for living room

19. Have Fun

At the end of the day, houseplant decor should be about what makes you happy. So if you love bright colors, go wild! If you prefer a more minimalist look, stick to greenery. And don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, part of the fun is seeing how your plants evolve over time.

indoor plants GettyImages


Adding plants to your home décor is an easy way to breathe new life into your space – literally! But if you’ve never done indoor decor with plants before, it can be tricky to know where to start. Now that you have our 19 tips, it’s time to get creative and turn your home into an oasis. With these ideas in mind, indoor decorating with plants is easy and fun!

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