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21 Small Laundry Room Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

21 Small Laundry Room Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed


A laundry room is usually a small and unassuming place where you generally don’t plan to spend much time, so not many people designing their home give any thought to small laundry room ideas. But why does this area of your house have to be an afterthought? We’re convinced that being smart with your design decisions will allow you to get much more of this place — so we gathered small laundry room ideas and photos to show you how it can be done.

1. It’s All in the Wall: Storage Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

If you don’t have a lot of space, the obvious solution is to put shelves above your washer and dryer to store your things. It matters how you go about it, though: there are many ways to design this kind of storage space.

shelves and containers
You can replicate similar small laundry room ideas with IKEA storage containers, simple shelves, and bright tiling. Source

2. Staying in the Closet: a Good Idea (for Washers and Dryers)

Not everyone can afford a separate place for their appliances. Worry not: you can make a nice space for a washer and dryer out of a closet!

It seems like this closet is more prominent on the inside — like in sci-fi. Source

3. Like Tetris Pieces: Moving Things Around

If the room’s dimensions don’t even allow putting your washing and drying machine next to each other, consider stacking them on top of each other.

stacked appliances
Some of the more common laundry room ideas for small spaces offer a layout like this one. Source

4. Looking Like a Million Bucks: Such a Tiny but Fashionable Place

There are very small laundry room ideas around — lots of them, so here’s another one: compensate for the lack of space with the quality of materials. In this one, cabinets are custom made, giving the whole premises the air of luxury.

tiny custom made
This chamber is the proof that it’s not the size that matters — it’s what you do with it. Source

5. Thinking About Usability: Consider Your Layout

Small transitional rooms are often narrow by design. Thankfully, when it comes to appliances, front-facing doors that block the whole passage are not the only option! There are enough small laundry room ideas with a top-loading washer (or/and dryer, if it’s relevant to you) to help make it work.

top loading appliances
When planning a layout for a space like this, it’s essential to consider the dimensions to choose the best appliances and other elements. Source

6. Go Multifunctional: Compromise on Space, Not Purpose

Who said you couldn’t have it all, even if you’re pressed for space? Enclosing your washer and dryer within wood panels allows you to use the surface for anything. It doesn’t have to be related to washing the clothes:

multifunctional room
The owner has put some plants around the appliances, which allowed this place to double as a greenhouse. Source

7. Washing Everything Away: a Clean Room

Speaking of multifunctionality, a more obvious choice is to put your appliances either in the kitchen or bathroom, like here. It certainly makes it easier to work out the “guts” of the house like the pipe system. It doesn’t mean that the design can’t be beautiful, either:

bathroom with laundry
The modest size of this place hasn’t stopped the owners from making the most of it — note the curtain that can be used to hide the appliances. Source

8. Let This Sink in: Utilizing the Corners

When you consider must-have add-ons to your washer and dryer, a sink is, without a doubt, close to the top of the list: it’s nice to have it close by, whether you need to hand-wash a stubborn stain or clean your hands. That’s why there are a lot of small laundry room ideas with a sink! Here’s one:

The sink is in the corner, with storage below and above it — genuinely efficient use of space. Source

9. Bold and Beautiful: a Serious Look

Consider this example if inspiration in visual design means more to you than the practical side of things. This chamber is elegant in its combination of simplicity and style: The appliances, a sink, and some storage space that feature luxurious, rich-colored materials and a multitude of details elevate the design to unprecedented heights.

dark and shiny design
Truly an exquisite design choice. Source

10. Out of the Doghouse: Keeping the Whole Family Clean

This is not just an area to wash the clothes, but a real mudroom! There’s a doggy shower next to the washer and dryer, prompting everything and everyone to come out of this transitional place clean and tidy.

dog shower
This layout is quite logical when you give it some thought. Source

11. Hide and Seek: a Perfect Place for a Cat’s Business

You can use an area of this kind to accommodate pets other than the family dog: this small cabinet has been put in to hide a cat’s litter box, as evidenced by the door’s design.

cat door laundry
Cats love private places, and owners need to put a litter box away from the common space. Source

12. A Neat Freak’s Heaven: Two Halves to Make a Whole

One of the well-known facts is that symmetry usually works well in design — even if the space’s purpose is mostly practical and not aesthetic, it’s no exception. Here, the washer and dryer are separated by storage space to create visual harmony, complete with the cabinets above also mirroring each other.

One of the laundry room storage ideas for small rooms — this one begs you to take notice. Source

13. Hangin’ on: a Simple Solution to Keep Your Things

Here’s another idea for storage: put a metal rail above the washer and dryer. This helps organize your clothes while saving space: you can put everything on the hangers, freeing up the cabinets and shelves to store other things.

This black-and-white design will work well with any style of clothes. Source

14. Feeling Good: It’s a Room, Not a Dungeon

A laundry room doesn’t have to feel like a cramped, stuffy space. Consider putting a window into yours if the layout of your house allows it: here, a sunny expanse with a grassy color palette and intricate wallpaper evokes a light-hearted summer feel.

sunny room
We bet that household chores never feel like a chore in a space like this. Source

15. A 3D Solution: How to Get Some Extra Square Footage

An easy way to use your space efficiently is to mount a foldable drying rack to the wall. The best thing about it is that you can fit it almost anywhere.

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deer in the yard
wall mounted rack
This is a great example: the space above the windowsill is not immediately apparent as a place to hang clothes, but it works out quite nicely. Source

16. Shine on: a Dazzling Room With a Lot of Heart

Here’s a laundry room with a roll-out ironing board — an amazing way to save space. This whole place is also simply stunning, with shiny metallics, white brick, and wooden shelves.

shiny tiny room
This tiny chamber fits everything you can think of. Magical! Source

17. Pack It Up: Like a Storage Space (but Better)

Another fun way to conceal the appliances is to use a roll-up door. It will fit right in if you prefer light colors and straight lines in your home design!

rollup door
This door reminds us of a paid storage or a garage — there is something exciting about having it inside the house. Source

18. Making Something Out of Nothing: the Tiniest Laundry Closet

Here’s one of the smallest spaces for laundry you can imagine — but it packs a punch! This clever way to use a closet goes into our pile of DIY small laundry room organization ideas since this storage solution can be quickly done with your own hands.

tiny organized
The lack of square footage is not a problem — it’s a challenge. Source

19. Pieces That Fit: There’s an Idea for Anyone

It may seem like the wall above your appliances is usable only if they are front-loading, but that’s not true: when considering cabinets for a small laundry room, the ideas with the top-loading washer are numerous — you need to be mindful of the lid. In this example, it’s obvious that the appliances’ opening won’t interfere with the use of cabinets.

top loading appliances cabinets
A shelf in a matching color is a nice addition. Source

20. Storage That Features Enough Breathing Space: Designing Visually

What about some small laundry room closet ideas? What matters most is how the closet fits with the space’s design. One of the designs we truly like is this one, with dark wooden furniture:

dark wood closet
A closet this size is very functional — and still looks great. Source

21. Doing It Yourself: a Little Work for a Lot of Impacts

There are a lot of small laundry room ideas for DIY fans since, at its core a laundry room can be elementary: the necessary appliances, a fitted countertop, and some details to brighten the place!

laundry room to diy
Here, the wooden countertop is complemented by the containers and the rug, creating a homey feel. Source

That’s it for now — and if our small laundry room ideas have aided you in making your home even sweeter, we’re happy to help.


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